It seems like everyone decides

It seems like everyone decides what carrer to pursue by the amont of money they get.

Nobody remembers what they wanted to be when they were a creative little kid and anything was possible.

We lose our imagination when we begin to grow, because when we begin to grow.

So does our urge for money.

Everyone including myself changes their dream job to make it the job that gets paid the most.

Although, I still remember my dream job, to be a football coach.

In this society, to be a football coach, you needed to play in college and professionally.

There's no way in the world we live in that I would go on to play above high school, size is too big of a factor.

The only thing that 's going my way is my brain.

Football wise, I'm a genious I know what play the other team is running before the play and which plays we should run.

Nobody takes you serious if you're not a well known professional athlete.

This dream job will just remain a dream..


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