If we aren't getting killed by cops or enduring police brutality 

We are killing each other.

It's like the fighting never stops.

History is slowing repeating itself, just in different versions.

As I scroll down on social media all I see are hashtags representing people who were killed.

I see how angry people are at how these situations played out.

Everyday I ask God to watch over the men I love because if I ever were to lose them because of police brutality I would lose my mind.

The amount of hurt in my heart right now could never be explained in words, to watch parents lose their sons and sisters lose their brothers.

What is the expectation of this generation ?

Kids are growing up where all they see are constant fights and killings..

When will it all end ?

When will we realize that we are destroying our homes and our society?

We are destroying our families, our people and most of all ourselves. 

When will the rest of the world open their eyes and see that we, each other, is all we got to keep growing, to become better and to succeed on making a damn change?


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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