‘ “Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom”’ George Washington Carver

Sitting at my desk,

When the bell rings.

The students come in,

What will today bring?


Good mornings are exchanged,

Supplies are taken out.

Standing in front of my students,

Another day of teaching has begun.


The day begins with an ice breaker.

The students have a look of terror.

As they partner up,

And talk about what they did last night.


After a few minutes,

I ask them to finish.

And returns to their seats,

So everyone can get a chance to share.


Some students mumble,

Some students stumble,

Over the words they are saying.

But they are trying.


Being a high school student is tough,

But being a new high school student

Not knowing any English is very rough.

So many changes going on at once.


Helping kids adapt

To their new surroundings,

But allowing them to celebrate

Their heritage

Is what I aim to do.


Being an English Language Learner Teacher

Is what my dream job is.

Helping students feel at home

And making a difference,

Is what I wish to do.




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