Born to a mother with terrible addictions,

along side the father who never called.

A drunk stepfather who was always angry.

These people, I never want to become.


Seven children later

I'm living with my single mother

Little to no food

Our fridge is filled with booze


I was taken out of school at an early age

So I could learn about the motherhood stage

I took on the role our mother turned away

While she went out at night to go play


At 13 my mother sat me down and said, 

"It is time for you to take care of yourself"

For a year the streets became my home

until the government claimed me as their own.


Four foster homes later

I'm finally set free

Only to discover

I'm without the help I need


What I want to become

Is what I needed long ago

I want to mentor youth and help them

get to where they want to go.


I want to become

someone they can trust

Who can help them decide

Who they want to become.







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