If I could do anything

anything at all.

I wish I could be a blacksmith

to make armour for the knights

so that Crusaders would know me

so that kings would value my service

so that the blades I made, would be antique

found in museums, jewel inlaid peices of history.

Since the days of knights and their codes are gone

since the world has since moved on to technology and tv

to be what I want to be, I make my own reality. With words

I can craft you a sword made of steel, crusted in rubies and emeralds

the blade so fine that it could have been mined by elves, part of a fantasy.

I would bring back the knowledge of midieval life, from the beginning

To preserve a history is to preserve the things that inspire us all

to make progress where others began, and add to the legacy

and so the one job, most important to me. I must say

is teaching and writing historically

for history is the basis

of fantasy


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