The Lost Generation

And so it begins,

We are here, right?

You see me but does that mean that you have true sight?

I see you wander… and wander… and wander

Around, confused.

As I look from my left to right, I see these…bastards smile at your confusion, for they are amused.

Frustrated I become,

Lashing out I have signaled that they have won.

I let them know that they have the upper hand

Which is why we have called this the “White-man’s land”

I become…enraged,

Unleashing the beast that these ingrates tried so hard to encage,

I show them what it is like to be considered black, I showed them.

Oh yeah, I showed them alright.

By showing them how violently I fight,

I showed them ignorance.

I showed them that there’s no difference

Between me and those truly locked away

I showed them only what they wished to see, a little black boy astray.


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