Dream Maker

Dream to help,

Help to make dreams

To be before other pushing,

Toward their life.

I wish to teach and 

and make it possible to change the world

Change the world by making

those who can change it.


Not near will I teach

not rich either, Nor give knowledge

To those with free education.

Far from the world I know

Lost in poverty

Peace, Peace, PEACE CORPS!

Be what I am help I must

Care not for myself

I would like to do.


Not knowing exactly what

will be done

I sit here wonder

Which path will be

To take an oath of love,

selflessness, and education of the poor

Do I take

Refusal to let money change me

I went up poor and will help

Those who share a struggle. Teach will I learn will they


Money will be nothing

Love will be my currency

Teaching the minds of tomorrow,

Next week, Next month, Year, Decade.

Among the poor and the kind

I will learn from them


Difference between the cold and ignorant

to the Warm and Learner

Shape the one to cure all, save all

Wander will I as a hermit of knowledge

With my companions of Peace, PEACE CORPS


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