Standing in line

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 17:00 -- brody


From a small town in Wyoming there’s very little to do,

Except dream up a life much bigger than you.


People like me aren't taught that we can do anything,
We're told quite young to stand in line and wait for the bell to ring.

That line always grows longer with no end in sight,
The sun sinking below the horizon, diming down the light.


When darkness falls, I can truly see the light,

The moon grants its wisdom and will prepare you to fight.

Now the waiting is over and I'm not wasting time,
because people like me don't stand in lines.


Out into the crowd is where you find change,

Not standing around, single-file arranged.


Through sorrow, through hatred, through yelling and pain,

I stand up for others who have been too ashamed.

My journey is NOW with no chance to waste,
That dream starts today without any haste.

My goal is to change the future hidden in strife,
Grad school can get me there, One job may… change my life.

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