Invisible Children


Invisible Children

By: Jordyn Milbrath


They took my mother, my brother, my sister and me

And took us to a place that no one else could see. 

The nights were dark and cold

Although we were together as a family, I still felt alone.


They want us to be strong soilders, yet they beat us, 

They hardly ever feed us. 

I'm scared, and I want to go home

Although we are here together as a family, I still feel alone.


My mom and sister got taken away from me today, 

I really hope they're going to be okay.

Now all I have left is my brother, 

I wouldn't want to be with any other, but I still feel alone.


My brother and his friends tried to escape today,

Because of that, the soilders took him away.

He left me here as a stray, and now I am all alone.


The prisoners of the camp are now my only family, 

We have all gone through the same tragedy.

Although my real family is gone, and I am here alone,

I feel like this is my new home. 


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