My Driving Force


I remember in preschool

When they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up,

I remember looking at the teacher with confusion

Without a clue of what to say; I thought there was

A right answer that I had to spew out, an answer that

Would make my teacher proud and tell me that I got it right.

I said I wanted to be a vet because I liked animals,

But in junior high that changed to being a fashion designer

And the time I spent in high school made me realize that

I want to spend my life doing something I enjoy,

Something that makes me happy and makes me want to go to work.

Traveling, that’s what I wanted to spend my time doing and it’s what

I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I realized that speaking two languages

Could be used to my advantage, that being genuinely intrigued by law could

Be used to my advantage, that I could combine all these things and

Create a job that I would love. International business law—all the things I loved in one.

That one job: the job I work towards every day in school, the job

I dream of, the job I see myself waking up every morning to commit to.

That job would be pumping the blood into my veins, that job would

Put a smile on my face, that job would be the reason I enjoy working,

That job would be my excuse to travel the world while working.

And that one job is my motivation, my dream, my driving force.

I’d do anything to be able to do that one job that made me happy to work.


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