One Person Change


Change is good, they said

Change can make the world better, they said

We want Change, they said

We want to be the cause of Change, they said

Yet, what they don't realize is 

talk is cheap.

You said you would change the standards.

You said you would change your actions.

You said you would change the world.

Yet, what you don't realize is

talk is cheap.

I want to change the world.

I want to change the standards.

If I could, I would change you 

and them

and everyone.

I want to Change their minds,

their fears,

their sadness,

and their lives.

I want to Change the statistics, make them vanish.

I want to Change the negativity, make them positive.

I want to Change the social status obsessed, 

the celebrity-obsessed, 

the money obsessed;

Change the way they go about life, worrying not about 

how their hair is

but how the earth around us is suffering.

Change the way they think it's okay, normal even;

to be depressed, or stressed.

Change the way they act, 

make them gentle, serene, 



like a baby when he's cuddled.

Change the way they discriminate and hate others,

make them see it's a new day.

A new day for Change. 

I will Change them,

with actions,

for you know, as well as I do

talk is cheap.



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