One Life, One World

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 15:23 -- emazor

One life

One world

Many opportunities to make a difference. 


To change the world

with just one job

could be the easiest thing in the world...

if it's already your passion.


Your passion 

helps you spread your wings

and fly.

It's when you feel

most alive.


Little ole' me?

Would be an international  translator.

Going on mission trips every week.

Flying from Africa to Madagascar to France and then Australia.


I'd hold a little girl in arms

her skin color radiating its beauty.

I'd get lost in eyes

as dark as the earth.

I'd watch her play with the sun

her pure spirit lighting my day.


Then feed her and her family

a stray dog here or there.

I'd give the little girl toys

and a new soft blankey for night.


I'd sing her a lullaby

as the night sounds caress our ears.

Her eyes would droop with sleepiness

with a smile full of hope. 


I can tell you for sure

it would linger all through the night.

Just like mine 

as I cuddled her small frame. 


My spirit would fly

a little girl's heart would know hope

because I chose to follow my passion.


One life

One world

My life would be changed forever. 




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