Life Needs More Meaning

Wed, 04/09/2014 - 17:09 -- bexlowy

Have we really come to this?

Our earth, our world, our lives.

Society used to mean something, be something.

Our ancestors risked their lives and their families lives to come to a better world, to start a new life.

Free from oppression.

Open to new possibilites and new experiences. 

And now? Now we hate our own kind.

Hate for the physical appearance of our bodies 

Hate because of the color of our skin

Hate because an opinion is different from our own

We hate those who are different, even hate those similar to us because we even hate who we are

Young girls ashamed of their own bodies

Young boys ashamed to love who they love because their religious father shames same-sex love

We condition our own to hate. 

We condition our own to destroy our habitats.

We lose respect for our environment and kill where we live, killing ourselves.

And we know that our lifestlyes are wrong. 

We know to love thy neighbor but do we really?

Do we still follow that mantra?

Do we clean up our home? Our earth?

We know that we're slowly killing ourselves but we're too stubborn to act. 

Too ignorant to change and finally make a difference.

I wonder how ashamed our forefathers are.

How disappointed are our ancestors?

And how can we change this?

If I could change one thing I'd change humanity. 

Propose lessons in love and respect. 

Teach humanities, how to show compassion for others.

Judge less, discriminate less, hate less.

Love others, love everything, love ourselves

Lose shame in who we are and what we have done in our pasts.

And strive; work our asses off to be better, do better.

What is life without these values?



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