Live For Love


A chance to change the world, 

meaning not just by heart and soul,

but even by actions and words,

that can once again make us whole.


The creator gave humanity a choice,

to embrace sadness or rejoice.


We are all but fools in coming demise.

Man chose sadness and evil

rather than joy

but instead there was an upheaval.


That is why children starve today.

That is why men are lost in their way.

That is why thirst is upon all nations.

That is why humanity has corrupt relations.


If I could do so

all would be reversed

and then saying "Love wins!"

Would be put first.


Everyone would be happy and let love

spread throughout the earth, beyond and above.


Thirst would become quenched

hunger would become full

hatred would become love

and evil would become good. 


We all know more truth than we live

without realizing it we have much more to give


We could end suffering

and all humans could live in truth.

Then happiness would reign

and there would be no judging of youth.


If I could change the world

there's only one thing I'd need to do

and that is to cause love to win

because then everything would change too.








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