Family simply, cannot be defined in as many words,

At least not in mine.
Grandparent, mother, father, sibling,

Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, 

Niece, Nephew, Friend, Best Friend...

These titles can't do justice to the memories,

Feelings, emotions, thoughts.

How can you capture these with a simple title?

How can you put a simple definition on your life?

How can you sum up the people who make you?

Every laugh, every tear, every hug, every kiss, every word,

Every day, night, birthday, funeral, dive, jump, fall, run, 

Walk, breath.... None of these can simply be

Summed up in one word.

How do you tell the world that these people are your world?

How can you tell someone how much you cherish

The love and time you spend

With those you will have 'til the end, 

In one word?

How can you express you gratitude and admiration

To the very people who

Know you inside out and backwards, in one word?

I remember a time, when I was younger,

When I thought I could reach out

And touch the sky.

As simple as that.

I could change the world without needing

To tell people how. 

They would just know.

I didn't realize then, what I know now,

That in order to change the world,

You need the love and support from these human

Beings that we call "family".

These people that ARE our lives; these people that MAKE

Us who we are today; these people who 

LOVE us like no one else,

Are labeled "family".

I do not believe, that in a world as big and prosperous 

As ours, that "family"

Is allowed to be a common,

Misused word.

Because you see, these people don't have to be

Related to you by blood or law,

These people

Are the very people,

Who will stick with you 'til the end,

Who love you no matter

What mistake you make,

And these people,

Are the very people,

That make the individual

Capable of changing the world.


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