Death and the Prince



The world is in shadow,

In darkness she waits,

She hides from these terrors,

She cries for her fate.

The voices starts softly,

In her head they reside,

They ask her to do things

They ruin her pride.

Reason forgotten,

Desolation complete,

Insanity inevitable,

Where hearts do not beat.

The voices grow louder,

They demand and tirade,

Maybe darkness is easier,

The girl is afraid.

She turns slow to face him,

The angel of death,

In silence she takes it,

She takes her last breath.

But soft! comes a light,

She open her eyes,

She breathes in and out,

T’is not her demise.

Beheld, here before her,

A battle of fiction,

Death and the prince,

Dance locked in conviction.

Death made of shadow,

The man dressed in white,

The angel of darkness,

And her valiant knight.

And then death did falter,

He sputtered and stopped,

He gazed at the victor,

To the ground he then dropped.

The doctor relaxes,

He takes off his mask,

The girl opens her eyes,

He has completed his task.

Her eyes fill with wonder,

Her heart bursts with bliss,

The voices are silent,

Nothing more is amiss.

She touches her head,

Feels the newly sewn intrusion,

She smiles to herself,

No more stuck in illusion.

She looks at the neurosurgeon,

Dressed all in white,

The savior of her life,

Her valiant knight.

And one day, me.

I will save the lives,

Of those with brain abnormality,

To be a neurosurgeon,

It will be my reality.


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