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                                                Anybody, who is struggling, Is my people The one with the color purple, Who will one day earn and own the ring.
I voted for him when he ran for President of the United States.Sadly, he died on December the 5th at the age of ninety-eight.Bob Dole fought and nearly died during the second World War.
Here lies the body of Nick O TymeWho never thought of crossing the lineLived his life as quiet as could beOnly stimulant consumed was teaSaved a lady from the path of a train
When the Lone Ranger has his finger on his gun's trigger, he constantly has to pull it.When the moon is full, he hunts and kills werewolves, that's why he uses silver bullets.
Once upon a time, there was a little girl known for her smile, that lit up the world. little did they know how she felt in bed every night, all alone, all those tears she shed.
As a New Yorker, it was a usual day as the rest. Meeting with clients, and ordering calls was all he had to stress. Mr. Dittmar did not expect the worst attack to come
I wish I could be a superhero, The one which everyone looks up to, The one whose stories are passed through,
Hero When you hear hero what do you think? You probably think clearing a building in a single bound; Think faster than a speeding bullet Think defeating the bad guys.   But you know whats more heroic?
For we were trapped in the faceless conformity, of a place that we are foreign to. The feeling of being lost overwhelms us, as though we may never be found.
It is gargantuan, dwarfs in comparison, The force of a torrent, the strength of a garrison, Started fervent from base, up went the base heroine.   Many hath tried to suffice, yet none to home have come,
Not all of us   get to be lucky.    Not all,  get to see the sun  every morning. 
  When I was drowning, you saved me You pulled me from the waters cold grasp And lifted my head above the waves of my own depression And for that you were my hero.  
I have loved everyone.                                                              I did.
There once was a worlds, where theys, for live, were gone The home you lived in, life mild, or did you think it was Love? Justly so, or where to worlds could be, and life was but that these, were of our people, We.
My naem is Hades, this is my refrain, you shouldst know me by it, in this future, but this plaes, with these paopel, is not the saem ,
Your age never held you back from dreaming. From breaking and reshaping an entire subcultre. Your gender never hindered you from achiveing. Having saved thousands of those haunted by the black vulture.  
You taught me about me about life and everything it holds Through the dark windy nights and days so cold   You brushed my hair and wiped my nose While singing a song about my little toes  
Hero. Define the word Hero. What do you think of? Do you think of a knight in shining armor saving the girl? Hero? Do you think of people with superpowers flying in and saving the day? Hero?
It was not my mother Who dried my tears It was not my father Who taught me to fight   Music Taught me to listen, to feel Books Taught me to analyze, to understand  
When I was 3 years old You didn’t tell me to stop running my fingers along the brick fences. Each just a graze along the borders of fancy houses, houses bigger than ours,
The spider had crawled in from the depths of the unknown The girl, seeing the creepy crawler, screamed to her bones Oh, wait a minute! Amongst the shadows in the dark Lies a man as strong as a shark
Heart teeming with love, liver soaking in booze; rough around the edges, tender to the core: the dichotomy of you.  
My hero is invisible. She comes out in the bright colors that cross my mind, The beautiful stories that feed my imagination. My role model is the reason why my trees are green,
I know a person in my life With a serious altitude with a beard, Holding the file walking towards the door turns and say bye and leave Sometimes get late and sometimes so early
I know a person in my life With a serious altitude with a beard, Holding the file walking towards the door turns and say bye and leave Sometimes get late and sometimes so early
They taught us in school the simple things also that we are to peruse our dream. That were all different in our own way, it was something I learned the hard way.
Two men who are polar opposites, Same tragic past, they both thought of it. One became his fear meanwhile one creates the fear. The Villain laughs and smiles as The Hero toughens up and rubs dirt.
To your loyalty,   Everyday Since the day I met you You stayed.   You support me Even when I’m wrong
Dear Poppy  how I love you  how I admire you  and the brilliance of your life    the bravery that you showed on the beaches of normandy  and the heroism on LST 279
A Fallen Hero by Steven Isaiah Gilliard   I was known as being tough and respectful. I was highly respected by my fellow brothers and sisters.
Who? Am? I? . . .  :’( (written by an ENFP) Who am I? I say fuzzily . . . A tear drips out of my eye, a single droplet. I am the world’s savior I say . . .
Dear Dad,I believe that, at my creation, God deemed you my father. How else could a man be so delicately crafted for my upbringing?
Here stands a boy who doesn't know who he'll become He stands a boy playing underneath the sun, Underneath the sun that shines warmth down on him
I am your hero, a hero with a fiery passion, my power able to vanquish even the mightiest foes, foes who wish to do you harm.   No dragon is too powerful,
We do not have to plead our case For he took our place Tracing back-to Genesis When we were molded by His grace
O LordHow I have fallen overAllowed my fresh to take overAddictions of old uncover
I sat alone Waiting Typical fairytale I, the lonely damsel In a tower Awaiting a rescuer I sing and read and paint to pass the time Until my hero gets here One day he found me in my tower
"Once upon a time" is always the preface of a princess story. A story where the guy finds the girl and saves her from the position that she's been put in. Where her black and white world suddenly has color.
She came to the park in tears, because her uncle was shot the day before and on top of the loss of her uncle, she had no friends. 
We read stories of heroes and masks, were villains never get away in a dash. Wow i wish those heroes where real some might say, but they are around you every day.
When I want to feel good, I watch How to Train your Dragon. It is about a viking named Hiccup. He is shunned for being unorthodox and careless, but he befriends a viking's enemy; a dragon he names Toothless.
A juvenile at the age of fourteen,  frail and apprehensive of her surroundings lays concealed,  restless beneath a short portion of vessel fabric.  She lays soundless. 
The winter rain at a driving pelt Did batter the city park And on a bench sat a city beggar Far past the hour of dark He sat and with a mighty shiver Groaned deep from the outer cold
Everyone and everything here is old; archaic.The new things and people are but copies of generations before.Arranged a little differently, perhaps.They are restored classics; cliché- yet contemporary; chic.
She wore her hair a certain way, so she could cover her face. No one would question her puffy eyes, it was her disguise. He saw her once; her hair all down,hiding her face filled with disgrace.
She’s there for me when the voices speak, I let the hidden emotions drain onto the blank piece of loose leaf, When life was hard and everything seemed to be bleak,
Siempre me levantas, Cuando me caigo al piso. Cuando estoy en pedasitos Hecho un rompecabezas que no han podio adjuntar. Cuando me han dejado tirada en la oscuridad,
NOTE: Inspired by/taken from quotes of modern, pop-culture villains.   If you think you’re safe, you’re wrong (an ant has no quarrel with a boot).  I will burn you, I will burn the heart out of you;
when i was about to suicide when i was about to kill myself you stayed around me so i'd  stopped feeling worthless-myself.   do you know what you'd said? you said that i matter.
Life, mine own life I would take Had not a hero saved my world, Saving this life of mine only by existing Unaware, that day after day and night after night, This small creature to whom I owe my life
There is no skin color, There are no religions, That is the way it is. We all become warriors, That is the way it is.   There are no differences, No Hate, Just Love,
    Can't you hear me, give me achance, hear my screaming, I'm begging you now. When did this happen? It happened so fast, one night you're winning, the next one you're smashed.
When America has fallen one day, When we are at out lowest I hope and pray a hero emerges To take it on with courage. I hope someone who cares a lot Unties our broken, twisted knot
"Anger, Wisdom, Regret, Pain,  They think my life is just a game I can't stand another minute But if I fold now I'll be defeated  Their torture stings like a thousand knives But I can't trust these awful lies
Heros don’t need a cape or powers Heros don’t need a lot of money Hero’s don’t need a cute face or a tragic backstory Heros don’t need an education
How, how, how, I don't know how, but I know the 'how' part is important. The motivation is important too: "It needs to be done." It's not just about, 'Can I do it?'
Who is this in the mirror that I see ‘tis I  in the mirror, ‘tis me. Define this person, this person that I see.   Well do you see the warrior, the fearless man that you are?
A HeroIs someone who people Look up too, they depend On them. Heroes are Strong In muscle and heart.  
A normal human But not a normal man You fulfill many roles Which many cannot withstand   A lover to your wife A protector of our land
Allow me to present myself resent myself present myself Im Rocky like the fighter, mountain, road that I've walked in on Im just an odd soul resident of Chicago where I let my mind flow free
Cold, dark, night, Black and Blue. Such a fright. So much to do – 
We need a hero. Not just an ordinary hero. We are fighting everyday just to get our way. But we are losing our own battles. We need a hero. We need someone with a desire to lead like Hitler and Stalin.
When you where five and you imagined a hero what did they look like? Were they tall and mysterious?
 It was in the clove of seasons,  the flowers were stained. The grass around was wet, from the night when it rained.   A tombstone now stands, where the bleeding tree once stood.
I wasn't the only one playing dress-up I ventured into my mother's closet And entered a new world
Somewhere past today standsA shattered, forgotten land.Unrestrained, creeping sandsShift with each breeze's whineHeroes yet to comeSome loved by all, all loved by some
You were born.
i have a friend who flew with the times and plummeted to the ground as his pocketful of rhymes sunk and spat and became one with the earth-- the ground upon which we dream still engraved with his words
Everyone you meet - the ones that you avoid- these people are your reflection. See yourself as they see you, Would you be welcomed or Rejected.
You want a hero,
Letters, words, and sentences Are fashioned from the Black scratches that stain The pure beauty of innocence. Writing their own story, The murky thoughts turned Into something lovely.
I. when the boy drawn to priesthood kissed me, his mouth burned. with triple-layer onion skin and a crucifix tongue, he tumbled down from a cloud at 9 and snapped his legs in half.
No filter? Fine I can deal with that Of course Jesus is my Savior He is my Hero Mr. Superman and so much more Music is my passion I don't know what I'd do without it
As I looked into his eyes  I was just a child, his child  He was JUST my daddy.  My daddy that was in glossy pictures clothed in Camoflauge. 
Insults fly through the air, Pain upon the heart, Boiled anger through the veins, Impatience floods the mind,   Yells, Screams, Accuses at night, A breaking soul,
I'm a girl I'm not supposed to be  the main character The hero
I gave up a lot To pursue this love But now it seems That I was blind and dumb     I dedicated my life My entire childhood To pursue a dream
I walk around the world, confused as a youth, I wonna be successful,
Heroes can only be stars If they have a night sky To shine against  But I never asked To be the darkness  
The clouds have veins, at the end of the day, when the sun kisses the edges, and the purple spreads along the blue, dancing on the white
    I once knew a girl,
There's a lot of pressure in this world. This crazy-ass, city-and-sas world. But hell, it ain't real. Gotta listen to a real man every once in a while...   He's a hard workin', head turnin',
Walking down the street with tear in my eyes and you still have words to say to me? My head in the ground, dirt in my face and your still kicking me?
Do you ever just wonder, Listen, and wait?Before that moment is gone - its too late.That moment is behind us, Its stuck in the past.But why let that stop you, Must the pain last?
I need someone who will be there for me. A person who is not afraid to get down on their knees. A character who will be a hero and not a villain. Someone who can make my life thrilling. Can anyone be that person?
Depression is a widow's veil. A black, looming object..light and wispy, blowing with every change of the wind.  It's flowery design serves to hide the pain and agony that lies beneath. 
A sea of dead bodies Lay on a blood-stained field. The dead are nothing but a memory. The last one standing is the winner.  The one who kills all the others- He is called The Hero.
Unappreciated Hero (Inspired by The Amazing Spiderman 2)   This city has no manners. This hero went all out to save them, but they put out no “thank you’’ banners.
Why is the world so mean?
Many people like to take life as a joke or careless about the other person right behind them. But if you ask me, that other person can be the person that saves your life.
Growing up, people always asked me, What do you want to be? This question always seemed unfair, because I had to pick out everything from My job to my wife to the way I styled my hair.
My Hero (first and last line provided by Bradley Quick)   And no matter how much I tried, the blood dripped down…
You start from who you are; Sweet, innocent, and caring. people ask and you say you're ok but no one knows how you're truly faring.
i knew you were my hero
It was him
Sometimes we slip into the unknown Deep down below.
The cold winter shiver trickles down my spine Soft winds brush against my visage A faint glow in the twilight as an obsidian darkness drapes over the world My over-worked hands, calloused and frozen
From a distance much to great, He silently seals his fate. With a rush of the tide, He loses the feelings he tried to hide.   His head spins,
Black and Blue Do you ever get a clue? Black and red do you know how much i bled? black and green You were always too keen Black and yellow  Afterwords, you were always so mellow.
Words are unspoken, Things are not said, But everything she feels is stuck in her head. The sighs of a hurting, broken heart Her feelings inside tear her apart. Words that whisper, 
It's extremely loud in here, Though you do not hear it from there. You may not be able to tell, There are a lot of arguments  And the music is always up too loud.   Though the words spoken, shake,
I Fight, I Fight For The Light. I Fight For Those Sitting Their Room, Crying At Night, Holding That Knife, And Wishing They Died.   I Fight For The Ones Who Lost Hope,
Broken bottles   lining the window seels where pictures should be where crosses should be liquor soaking in the walls yet not absorbing the blows   virbration from the seel decore
Hank is my whole world,He makes me laugh,And sometimes he makes me cry.He keeps me in the present,He has taught me that you need to learn from your pastTo prepare for the future,But live in the moment,
  His words beat the pain away His words dried my tears His words comforted my atmosphere His words are how I get by
  Men. Women. Adorned with camo, and stripped of capes.                                                                                                                         Mortal power stretched to its limit.
They see youBut theydontseeYOUYou smile and laugh unawareYour eyes, your smile, your faceThats all they need to seeSome stare.Others ignore.But nobody knowsWhat you feel
  Try as I may to avoid drama and fights
the feeling of power swallows the soul into an abyss ofan evil being we thought would be never capable.but then there's the mighty ones turning that power into a beacon of hope and a brighter future for man kind.
He is there when I have a milion doubts He is there when I have a million questions He never leaves my side
You’re feeling insecure Don’t know what for You have everything That others dream for You are beautiful, strong, and pure
Fond memories, led astray No glimpse of hope, such disarray Scornful judgment brings out a beast, so tame Blinded by its fear, naught bravery remain Tearing at the wounds that reject
In the valley of the Shadow of Death, There’s no place to hide, no place to rest. The demons there, haunting your every step. Choking you ‘till you have no breath.   The light at the end of the tunnel
When your pain is tangible You can reach out and touch it. It’s everywhere, consuming you. You don’t even realize how lon_____g it’s been eating away at your insides, until they finally cave in and c
Nights of terror seem to pass And days of sorrow fade. In every moment that I laugh I slowly crawl out of the shade. Bits and pieces start to form But some parts are still gone.
Hey you… Yeah, you. The girl with all the scars and stories to tell. The boy who sits alone in the corner, The child with a black eye from “falling down the stairs”, I’m here for you, Now and forever.
3,014 days since you breathed your last breath. 3,014 days since you last felt pain. 3,014 days I have been given to wonder if making it to the next day would be worth it.
They know I'm strongThey know I'm fastThey know I'm incredibleBut...they don't know.  
Not all heroes wear a cape Or a badge Or a medal.   Not all heroes drive fancy cars Are doctors, firefighters,
Dear Hero, When society envisions you today, The minds of some tend to be led astray, By wayward imaginations that often may Include an ordinary being Changed in an extraordinary way.
Little kids with sticky hands, rush toward their superman. Begging for a taste, begging to be set free.   A hero. A leader. Someone to look up to, they stand above everything.
Taking a nice walk Down in Memphis We’ve got permission So what’s to fear?   Just taking a walk Down in Memphis Then the cops came along and said, "Get the hell out of here"   
The most mundane things are perfect Like the making of tea. Dead flower crumple of the tea bag Scoop the sugar in with the tink-tink of the spoon. Just add water, Grains dissolving
Late lonely nights I wander aimlessly in the thick, suffocating darkness that dances in envy around the glistening liquid moonlight
Children stand tall with minds unpoisoned to the lack of reason we reflect They carry the powers on their shoulders that we long burried, that we reject As they grow, they change, become unbalanced and confused
To find a true hero may seem a challenging quest, But in truth, it is easier than you might have guessed. Heroes come in countless forms you see, There is one living in you and one living in me.
You play the part because you're in a knight's tale but the tale of the night he OD'd on prescription drugs sidesteps the uphill staircase to the fact that we need the pill in the first place
Hero My hero is beyond compare,because he is rare My hero is one of a kind,in my mind My hero is bright,I follow his light Me and my hero make quite the pair,nothing could make us tear
Some people wonder how I do it, Why I wait for this man. Because Im proud of what he does, I love him because I can.
Poetry: My lifesupport, My lifeforce, My sweet, sweet savior, He is the one I crave; My one true, lone lover. With each line we scribe together He gently kisses the pain, The depression,
All I need A kiss goodnight To know I’m loved It will be all right Her sweet smile A mother’s care Her gentle touch Brushing my hair
See the silent voices on the stand The black and white beneath your hand Do you dare to touch or even look You gaze at the lines in the open book The dots that bounce with yearning song
The main character of a story, the hero The one who fights only for justice The one renewing the sanctity of life Money, women, cars, power These things give meaning only to evil People who do not know of god
Strong, my hero. From the beginning, steadfast, always true. No worry as I saw him grow older, wiser Then hair grew thinner and appointments longer. No longer strong, the eyes still loving - kind.
What happened to our joy and pride? What gives us the idea and need to hide? We used to be happy and love our culture And focus on our highway to the future. We all clapped when King said the words, "Free at last."
There was once a young, restless hero of Rome, Who wandered the lands, searching for a home. This he did until he dreamed, (“A great sign from the gods,” he deemed); That he would journey to find Delphi,
The History Books
Who am I to deny who I am? It may not be right It isn’t desirable But I’m not going to pretend
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