Deus Ex Machina

You want a hero,

to nurse your insecurities.

You want a Hercules,

to save you from yourself.

You want a Superman,

to cut up romance.


You want a hero.

You want an idealist to prove idealism.


A hero-- one who does nothing,

And somehow deserves it all.

A hero-- a counterfeit, 

Who profits on repenting for want of savior.

A hero-- the supernatural of human want,

the fetus of idle-brain, egocentric indolence.


You want to be a hero,

It’s easier to be indebted to.

You want to be a celebrity,

It’s easier to be idolized.

You want to be a god,

It's easier to be worshipped.


You want to be a hero,

Whenever it's easier to be anybody else at all.

You want to be a plastic thing,

Like everyone else.

You want to be a hypocrite .

You don’t want to believe heroes don’t exist.


By Veronica Russell

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Our world
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