Not All of Us

Not all of us 

 get to be lucky. 


Not all,

 get to see the sun

 every morning. 


 Waiting to be taken

 to the other side of this World. 

 To brighten someone else's day. 


 Not all of us 

 are pretty,

 in our own way?




 In society’s eyes…  No. 


 Not all of us 

 can speak our minds, 

 so we turn to paper. 


 A pen as our voice. 


 Not all of us 

 can say we have a Hero. 

 Not one with a cape to hide us 

 from this World. 


 Not one 

 with a cool name 

 and broad shoulders

 to fight away the pain. 


 Not all of us…

 have anyone to turn to. 


 Not everyone 

 has the guts to change this. 

 To change it,

 for themselves. 


 To grab their own cape. 


 To put it on 

 and cover themselves. 


 To stand tall 

 with not-so-broad-shoulders 

 and fight away their own pain. 


 Whatever that may be. 


 Not all of us 

 have a Hero. 


 Not all of us 

 can find one. 


 But all of us, 

 can be 

 our own Hero. 


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