When I was drowning, you saved me

You pulled me from the waters cold grasp

And lifted my head above the waves of my own depression

And for that you were my hero.


When I was falling, you were there to catch me

Standing right by my side where you always were

You hauled me up out of the grave I had dug for myself

And for that you were my friend.


When I was broken you fixed me

You picked up all my scattered pieces up off the frozen ground

And you put me back together

And for that you became a part of me. 


Fast forward to know your not here anymore

And I have nobody to save me

From myself or from this pain

And I can already feel the world getting darker.


As the storm clouds move overhead

I feel myself begin to break

As the water starts to rize

And your not by my side.


And once again im drowning

But your not here to rescue me this time

And I know that the only thing that’ll save me now

Is if I learn to swim. 

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