A New Happily Ever After

"Once upon a time" is always the preface of a princess story.

A story where the guy finds the girl and saves her from the position that she's been put in.

Where her black and white world suddenly has color.

But why can't the princess save herself?

Why is there always a man there to help?

Because, after all, the queen does not need a king. The king needs a queen.

Eve was not made to help Adam with the dishes and laundry.

No, she was made to fill the void, the loneliness. 

She was made to be glorious.

Why can't the Seven Dwarfs clean up there own messes?

Why can't Mulan fight like the warrior princess she is?

When will the princess start to paint her own world with color?

Little kids look up to the princesses only to realize that they were indeed damsels in distress.

I want to live to see the day when a princess' crown turns into a cape.

Where the princess is the superhero and the prince is her sidekick.

This new ending will give young girls strength and courage to be their own happily ever after.

Because even without a man, she is still a princess.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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