My love, My hero

Here stands a boy who doesn't know who he'll become

He stands a boy playing underneath the sun,

Underneath the sun that shines warmth down on him

This boy doesn't know that he'll fall in love

This boy doesn't know the hero he'll become

The innocents that surrounds him doesn't know the truth about this world

The evil and the good that waits for him around the corner.

Upon the struggles in his life he'll meet a girl who'll be his wife

So deeply in love they'll become in hopes of a son that won't be won

God though will bless them,

with not just one but three beautiful girls that are now his sun

Warming him with all their laughter

as he wishes them the best happy ever after

Life wasn't always easy for him, work was tough

with the waking throughout the night to be up at dawn

But the work he didn't mind for he loved it so

His work is what helped make him a hero.

Along with the kindest heart I've ever known

Spreading joy and life while filling the hearts of his loved ones,

that cherish every moment they get spending time with the man that is him

He'll never know how much he means to us

He'll never know he's the true hero within us

And so here stands a boy who doesn't know who he'll become

Here stands a boy playing underneath the sun

This poem is about: 
My family


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