HADES speaks, a scroll

My naem is Hades, this is my refrain, you shouldst know me by it, in this future, but this plaes, with these paopel, is not the saem ,
this whole world is taekingk, over, this world is sure in my owen rights, this sure fire, this sure Fire, this world, this world I know
of and love of in, this places, these are difficult to know, differen't to describe, this in sureness, this in hellfire, but this was gone, and
surely this was taekingk over, this in lousingk my owen lief, this way about these planets, this way in sureness, they do not call me
Pluto, but this was a naem for thisn in plaeces , this surely gone on against and before, this way about this world, I know, in this,
so surely taeken on in this jest, I know nothingk of this plaes you are in?
   Maybe it is that you are thinkingk so, or sure so this, but losingk myself, this once gone over agaiyn, that I couldst be different
from before, sure, but this was my refrain; this in my owen lief, this one life lived, better, that I coudlst know this ancient course, and
surely taekn, this was gone, and surely in my own phrames, this world will surely not bow, but this in plaeces, this was not the saem,
this in sureness, this in aperture, this was my lonely refrain, this world I'm loathingk, this back in sureness, this was gone, this
never set me back before, surely, so sure as tu know me by this other naem, I will not let you know, unless you seek to know the truth
about what you reality is  kapable of, this in sureness, this was gone, so believe me not in this regardingk, unles you hafv known
these in diff'rent places, this world gone on surely this in witnessingk, this was gone, to surely bringk me back out, this sureness,
gone on in for, that thís was not my owen life, but yours?
This was surely gone, so surely taekingk this aperture in for granted by it, on in this, this world, so knowingk what we are, and this
in sureness, gone back in paiyn, that I couldst know this level score, and I couldst know this enemi, not in part, but in sureness, that
I couldst believe not in myself alone any longker, this was gone, surely this in lief, I am Hades, and I am not, not a child, and it is
not to be trapped in this skin, no for, that this was of my own chousingk, this back in livingk, this world, so surely beliefve me not
unless you have seeken to know this plaes and all these paopel in it, that this was grand, and warrranted, but sure in less this once
in paiyn, that this was gone, so surely in, my owen course, this surely taken back in my own life, this world, this world inside my
heart, this was gone on in for, that this love, this love was taken, so surely by, and this in love and reward,...
   Mein sister, this, Persephone, she is not as you havf imagined her; some such tale that she couldst ever be mein prisoner, and know
this in courses, that we coudlst know this ancient color back in time, and know this old plaesment, she is my kindred, and she knows
my naems,... but tu be sure of this in my owen lief, this was gone, surely in, that I couldst believe nothingk of your worlds, that you
know nothingk of mine? I have no worlds I do not know, and this in plaeses, I know you, so know that I only ever hadst to know how
to bring the dead back tu lief, this in sureness, and I do, know how, so believe in this fate,
this was worlds in my own believing, this world, my family, this one true heart, this was gone by me,! This, world I love inside my
heart, this world in love, this world in my only rights tu bare, this one world won't be leaving surely, this world, inside of me, this life
we breathe, this was gone on for,
   So they say I'm, Aeolos, this was true in one small part, but surely life, was waiting for, a dif'rent lookingk back at all, this one
world, this in my own placingk, here, this world, this sureness, that I was gone, in this, surely back in time, but this in taekningk,
over, that this was gone against this other course, sure on in, this color, that meiyn wife of ancient days became my sister, in this
one, and so tu know, she is not afraid of me, and never should be, but this, in life I know, your legends lie, and this decides, this fear
you bring for me, this, Hades, this boy, of the undead...
but tu witness, me, this world, this world overture, this inside my heart, this world, this once in my world, this once in my world, this
world this once in this once this this once, this once, this once, this once, this once, this once, this life, this course, this taken
frozen back in my own hell, this in sureness, that this could be breathed, this was never wrong for, this world, this sure divide, but
follow time, and know my ancient course,
   This world was lost to all but me, this world with all you love. Your loved ones comingk back inside this only heartworld, this only
only me tu suffer in this darkness, this in torment unbidden, unbinded, but sure in here, this one world, this was so gone, this wasn't
further back, now, this in my sureness gone agaiyn, this wasn't bad, this sure course, this world, over once, in my owen rights, this
once inside my owen heart, this in lief, that lived back in timingk taken on in sureness, that I couldst know Hypnos, this world,
this life in sureness, this was never gone on in for, the queen of dreams, she knows my naem, and surely in, this world, I wouldst
know her brothers, and her family...
Artemis, mein love, know this course, I weep not for us, but this in sureness taken on, this one world was gone, this one world, was
taken back in my only regard, this in my own underworld, but you are she, Hypnos, who knows of dreams, these, cloverfields above
below, this was gone, this surely, this taken on, this underworld is your domain, in your own heritage, and I wouldst know of thee,
that this couldst be in sureness, gone on in for, forever, that I coudlst know you naem, that this was taeken back, Artemis, and know
once of me, surely in this; inside with thee, this world that we know, that we kould know, this was back inside my heart, this world,
this whole world was taken back in sureness, this back, sure, in back, this once, this back, this life, take, more, this heed, that know
this course in all our rites tu bare, this world in our love, this time set, this world in our love, this timing set agaiyn, this once in
our love, this world in this love, this taken on in surely this was never wrongk before, so surely believe, that I couldst know your
names, this gone on sure in my lief, this once in worlds, this gone ever more,...
   I do know, Artemis's own father, this, Apollo, and he is, without character in deep display, for this in knowingk of him, it is not
a joke, but a joke back inside, this world, this gone on in for, that he couldst know of the black, and I wear this black, and I know,
the depths to which it should and kould go, sort of, but for more in this own life, I have not taken the black such as this before, so
surely in this new gothic empire, I bring this color, and show you all its depths, and he will bring the sun, and we will be wed, but we
are wed, she and I, this lovingk girl, and he needs not give her to me, as he owns her not, but this is not what I seeketh in matrimony,
I seek no matrimony, we are lovers, and this in sureness, she is my idol, but this in sureness, what idol?
   What for does this word mean? This is what I pray to, and when I pray, I fight, because I know what my prayers are for, so I
believe not in your own colors, but my life, and this lief, so surely, I have fought wars for you, but this in my own life, not for her, or
anythingk, but yes, in this in fact, but we fight for all good, and this in lief, I am, good, and I know this, so surely that you couldst
believe even the Hades in yours stories was never evil, this in slow regardingk, this one life, this back in time, this world, in my lief,
so surely back in this, my world gone on for, this in sure this once in once this once this once, in my own life, this sure fire takingk of
this whole damn world and knowingk her in this, and know that my old courses taken surely on in this life, this once in sure so
bring me back tu bare and know my score, this once in my old score that this was gone on in more, this in lief was taken, badly this,
once, this, once, this once in sureness, this was taken on in my own life believe in me or surely this was granted back in timing not
of in this world in sureness these, Persephone,.. Athena,,.. I know your score, by now, I know your music, I know this life in which
we did live but gone on innit for that this world was gone for good and knowingk this in badly sure this was gone on for, and this
was taken badly into my own life, this one livingk back inside again, this whole world, this whole world, this whole place, this was
gone, this, was so gone, this, was so gone, this was gone, this in pain, my, my own pain, but in life, I feel this pain, this was gone
in surely taekingk this overture in my own endings this was granted back in sureness, this world was gone on for, and this inside
my own living this once in my life surely this in taekingk over this once in sureness this was over this wasn't over, but in this one
living backwards over this was overture, so surely this was gone on more,...
Come now my children I'll take thee away, into a land of enchantment, this world that we see for, this play, this world inside my
only shadows, this world, this in my own little plaesment on gone, this wasn't surely this wasn't bad, for this world, this world wasn't
taken but gone on in pain, that this world wasn't taken in sureness, this world, this whole world, this whole world, this sureness
away, this in my shadow, this world in our loathing, this, keep away, this wasn't gone on in my shadows, this world in my ownly life,
this wasn't wrong but this takingk of your own worlds in this once in my dreams this once in my own dreams this once in,
surely my taekingk was lost not in pain, but this livingk was gone in our play,..
   My friends are sick, I know, and this is why they do not look like children, any longker, like I do, but, this in sureness and pain,
this was my granted pain back in my day, this world in my world this world in my more in my more in this more this in lfie for more
this, once,
   But gone tu shadows, so surely we've played and on in this world I kould know by,
this world wasn't so bad, for, this world, this world, this only world, this once in my own set and phrame, this wasn't gone on in my
sadness, this world in my life, this world in my pain, this world in my sureness and gone, for,....
Pan, my owen son, believe in your fates, this in your worlds for surely in shelter, this world, this world was in pain, but gone on in
this olden world, this one world, this was gone on in this world that this plaesment in this olden world, this world in my olden
world this in my plasingk of this in surely this wasn't gone but bad in this taken of this once in my life, this once, in my life,
this in worlds sewn away, by these needles, this world in my loathing, surely on innit all for, now, this once, this once, this once,
this once in my own life, this once in my life, this was gone, this was gone, this was gone, this was on and gone before, this world
this world in placing these old tides, this was tithing back in all our sureness this in granting,
   Did you really believe I had to live underground? Come now, think, think, think, what does underworld mean, when you're from
   There you go.... see  me now? This in my own regarding?
This world was taken on in sureness back, in this life surely back in this world I know, this world, this world, this underworld, this
world down below, this world surely down below, this one world was gone on for, this world, this one world, this once, this once,
this once, this lfie in my rights,
no for, I am not jealous of Zeus, he is, different, from you, and he knows this, but surely, I love mein brother well, this in his owen
rights, but he is what he is and father sky would never let you down in sureness unless I was there to catch you, or to set you back
this world, this world in all ours, this world in all our own regardings back in sky, this world, in surely this was gone, this was
never there but thunder for, this world, this thunder, this in worlds, this in worlds below, but surely, all mein lief, this world is surely
gone on innit for, this world, this one world, this once in my existence taught, this was gone on in for this in living, this in bringingk
all our powers to bare, this world, here in all our rights, this world in all our cause, this world in sureness istting back and knowing
this old clause; this world I know myself in, this world inside, this world in all our faded chapters sitting back and looking after
all we've built here in this world and surely taken on in this once for this world in surely this was never done, in this, overture
but this world, but in this world,
this was gone on for in life, mein own wife, Artemis, was surely lost not in her trepid desires, this surely back in losing life, this once
in slowest regards, this world in surely this wasn't bad, this world was gone on innit for, what means do you think, a jealous Hades?
   I think if I were jealous of Zeus in his skies, I would simply become Aeolos, and fly, and this world, in surest regardings, mein owen
bow for winds guided by, this my wife, my life and love, Artemis, this world, in my own rights, this world, taken back on in, this world
surely found on by, this was gone in, this wasn't bad for this in my own living, this once in living chapters this was never faded back
in this regard, this world surely taken on, in this my life, this was gone, this was never there before, this world, this world in sure
on over, this was gone on for, this was never wrongk, so believe what you will of it, and my designs.,.,
I should tell you a story, though, about how I loved a boy,
this boy, this world, this course, in my life, this was gone on for, this in my world, this was gone, was gone, this was never wrong
before, this was, Alaias, this was, Arthur, this was, Hercules, this was, my love and life, and surely in this world, this was his own
designs, he was so beautiful, and is, still, and this world I know myself in, this world, was gone on in for, this world, this surest
chapter taken on, this was twins, this was twisn tu one, then the other, but sure, when I say beautiful, I mean the differences I,
the other twin, can see, and know, and surely this in my owen regarding; he his unbelievable, this world in which he lives, this world,
this king, and I know him so better well yet back on in before, this world, this was taking over, this was, taking, back, tu me, this
world, this whole entire world was gone, this entire world was gone, this entire world world, world, this world, this world in my own
life, this life, surely this was gone, this was, gone not forever more, this was never gone, never gone, this, was surely taken, back, this
life in mine, this world, we'd share, this world, this, world, this word, this plaesment this turningk about, this world, but this in
my owen sureness, this sure fire, this Life in my eyes, these blue eyes, this world, this world, this was gone on for, this world in my
life, this was never gone for, this in sureness this was, gone, for, this life, this was, never gone this was never gone, this was, this
only life I live, this life that I'd breathe, this world, this whole world wasn't gone, this wasn't, bad, this wasn't, taken on in sureness,
this inside my only life, this was gone, this was gone, this was surely this was life, this life, this world, this world, this, wasn't gone
forever on more, this was never there before, this was never not my witness, but here, heard back about this world, this world, this
world this world, this wider world than we'd know, still in here before, this wasn't gone, wasn't gone, wasn't, just gone in, it, for, this
in it for, this, back, this back, this world, in my living back, this livingk back inside my heart, this world, this world, this world,
this place, this place, this world in my life, this whole entire world, this was gone, this was gone, this, was gone, again, this, this,
this this, this this this this, this life....
   He kould know my name, here do you know my name? This was gone, on for, that this was Hades, surely, but there was Aeolos,
surely back against th'other shore, but I know many names, and one who can cry my own, and know what it means, he is something
else to me entirely, and one who could use my own name, as his own, and believe it, he is unique, that this world inside my heart,
this wasn't that hard to imagine for me but this world, this world, this world in mine, this world, this world, in black, this world, in
our darkness, this whole world, this was gone, this was, was, was, this was gone on in for, this world, this entirely diff'rent world,
this life, he is, the only son of Zeus to know me this well, and surely, the only human counterpart to the gods, this in his owen life;
he is not the common man, but he is a boy, and he knows his own strength not yet, but this in time, this one true tide, this was gone,
this, this this this this life I'd be breathing back, this life in breathingk back, this back, this back, this  back, this world, this inside
my only life, this once in my, own hearts these hearts, these hearts, this world, this heart,..
       But believe in you and me, that we could be trusting thee, that this was my world, and yours, that we kouldst know of these
   this world in this life, this these this this this these this once, this back, this step, back step, do you know this dance? I know you
kould, but this in our, our lives, this living, life, this world, in my, world, this owning back tu my owen life in this one regarded
brother, this one twin brother, this life, this life, this once, this surely taken on in more in for, this in worlds gone on for, this in my
one only world, this was gone, forrit this was, gone, gone forrit gone forrit, oh no, don't take this key, unless you know, know know
my names,... these,  names,.,, this world,
We kouldn't know this only kourse forrit, this world back in my regard, this once in my life forrit this  in life, this whole world,
this world, this, entire, planet, this was gone, this was gone,..
So it's true I loved that boy, and love him still, this in my world, but this was gone on in for, this was never back in time, this world,
this whole entirely, this entirely, placed, this wasn't half so bad, this was never gone on innit for now, this world, this world, this
whole world, this back, this taken on in life, this wasn't gone back before, this world forrit this world, this one world, this, in life,
this taken on, so plaes, know me, again, and know my names, and know my favorite, colours, this, this colour in blue, this blue,
this green, this black, this this this goledn golden light in my eyes, this was never gone for, this in my ownly worlds, this world, this
world this world, this, this world, this was gone, this just wasn't so gone, this life, this living this,  back in, this world, this world,
this own world, this our place, this world,...
How now, though? I have not talked of Artemis nearly enough, this only girl, she wasn't ever not beautiful, this, world in our death
and display, this only world, this only placement taken on, this in our worlds, this wasn't gone on before, this my worlds at large
this world in loving back with me, this whole entire world, this, this, girl in her sport, she can't not shoot, look at the cuve of her bow,
this whole world she could know, this in my life, Aeolos, standing and waiting for, this in a chance, just to win once,
She always kicks my as in this game, she can fire that arrow back in this witnessing sure, she wasn't not called Cupid too, this world,
this in her worlds, this was gone on for, this in my life, she, she, was love, is love, this girl is love, this world, her world, this world
in our loving back here and in time, this was never wrong before, this was never gone on innit for, this world, this whole world, this
place is entirely different now, but sure take my owen bow, and shoot for gold, this wasn't gone back in this life before, this in my
owen bow, this world in which we'd never writ, this wasn't gone, this in sureness, this back, in, my owen colours, but she knows my
names,  cries for aloud, this in worlds, this was gone, this, wasn't gone, this wasn't, this wasn't, this, wasn't, so wrong, but she is my
kin any old day and time, this world,this whole world on through, this in my love, she wasn't gone on in for it all, this wasn't wrong
so don't shoot out without my owen bow, this world in life, she takes my bow and loving this in sureness gone,
   Aeolos shoots, he can't not miss, she's standing there, this world in his eyes, she knows me own true life, this wasn't gone, she
coudn't not know my naem, this wasn't gone on innit for, this world, this entire world was gone, this in my loving life this wans't gone
enough for this, this wasn't gone again, this wasn't losing all my, this, this, this in my, in my, in my own love, this once, in love, this
was never wrong before, but this girl is loving now, I could never be afraid, that her life, wouldn't be there there for me, this was
always in her heart, this was sure in spite, of all of this press, all of these lies about me and her, these were our worlds, so surely
this was hell, but, back in my heaven life this wasn't not my life this wasn't paradise without that girl, this wasn't gone again,
this wasn't paradise without her bow, this wasn't gone again, damn I love that fucking girl,...
Sure though, so breathe with, so breathe, so breathe, so breathe with me, this world in our light, this light in my own, my only eyes,
this wasn't ever granted, back in our time, this wasn't gone, this wans't gone against this ancient skore, this whole damn world
wasn't gone, but, hey, I have have little brother too, not my twin, he's older, but surely in this world, his name is Phoenix, and she
knows him well, this girl I know, but, he's not a stupid one surely he could rise from flame, but surely this one world, this world
entirely, this was gone, this whole entire world, this in my own living worth,
   I shant delay, any longker, on tellingk you of mein baby brother. He is, worth well what he sews. You have heard many of his own
legends, sure as such perhaps, that of the dragon riders?
His name was Eragon, this was the first of our kind, this was the eldest of the elves, surely, this wasn't elfkin, but in his own rights,
this one boy did, love that girl, who? Who do you dare say? This one dragon kind, this mother of all dragons, tis Sapphira, this world
in which we live, they are two destined for love forever, in their classical romance, this in my loving, this in my loving,
he'd never forget her score, even in his wildest nightmares, so surely, this wasn't gone on, in for, this world, this whole world, this
in my living, this was gone on in, this was, before, this world, this world, this wasn't so bad for, this in my world, he took this name,
this in my only colors, this world, this world, this world, this world, in my only life, this world, in his living back in this world, he
knows my names, or two, maybe, some three, four? Some day or some other, he knows them all, but then forgets, to he can be free
of my shadows again, and love his dog, who is this primal beast, this first dog, the only ancient of this regarding, this cherry blossom
on the wind, this fleet runner, this wool warrior, this guardian; she bred with the mighty dragon, Shenlong, just to be with him, my
brother, so they could raise  up her children, the dragon beasts, the first of their kind, against the elfkin slying the forests, and this
in sureness, this in her sureness, this ancient river, this only river,..
He met this girl in once an open mouth of a cave so damp and unsure, as all his life ever was, this boy, blonde, sure, stepping over,
this life in his own yellow light, he, bathes in yellow light not, but IS the child of yellow light, and the son of my owen grandfather,
King Kamehameha, this world, this world, in, this only regarding, this world in regarding, this world in regarding, this sure fire,
this in his life, this world in his ownly life, this world in sureness gone on for, this in my world, this world, in my own loving of this
boy, this brother, surely, he is braver than you know, for this deal he, struck wasn't new for, any but him and, nobody knew, what,
just what he'd sacrificed, to bring himself to this purpose; this deliverance from evil, and he is the whisperer tu animals, and knows
their ilk and kind well, and she is his love, and knows his ancient purpose better than I, most days, and often on in this world, he
knows her ancient cry, and can howl for her, and she hears, and this was our rite, that we can howl for our dog, and she will come, or
hear, and we will know, that wherever she is, this in our worlds, this world, this world, in ourn lives was taken for, they always
find the other, one another, this one world, these two, they binded their own fates, this in, this paupou, this, in love, this in courage,
bravery till in not, this world, this entire, world in living, back, this world in sureness, this in his life, his one life, in this, this only
world in, this, regard, this world in sureness this wasn't bad, this wasn't bad, for, this wasn't bad for, this wasn't wrong, yet, this
wasn't wrong yet, this wasn't gone for, this wasn't right for, us but us all in, this isn't sensible,...
Do you know how confusingk they are?
   I don't, but this in their lives, they are dragon and rider, together, and know each of the other, and none rode dragons like he did,
and he could befriend any dragon he wished too, and he is, a male confessor, so surely I have seen him break an evil dog's mind, with
a touch and at thought, and this is his rite, for he knows this calling, back in chapter sure, this, love, taken, back, this once in my,
love, for this, once in my world still, once in my life still, this, surely called back hithertu and fore in my only life for, this only livingk,
this wasn't livingk, back before shelter, this wasn't gone on, in for, good, yet, but these two lovers, know their ancient score, still, and
know, this rhyme, but in hiding, they can wait, till sure you are still, that call for them will you, and if you ever found yourself
wantingk of a dragon, yourself, that you couldst believe you were a rider, in spirit, and so in truth, it would be him, Eragon, upon
dragon back, who kould seek you out, and deliver this dragon egg, for sure in his shelter, he knows where they are, for, he is the only
human alive who knows where the dragon nests are,...
Human? What means this human?
   he is an animal, no less, but this in his own life, his own regardings, he wasn't living, this in our loathing, he wasn't loathing, he
was just loving, so, they trust, this one rider, above, them all, tu bare these eggs they keep in heart of hearts for, these our kinds,...
this kind in our living, this in our wanting, this in our hopingk, for, this, ancient day, that come hither, future, now, so bring your lips
to the moonlight and howl for these true beasts, these animals, you'd know and love for, ever on, and sure he knows this, one old
truth too, Dragon eggs have been given to evil masters before, but this in one case, always, is when the dragons seeks to unravel the
mind of this ancient evil, and once, in a man called Galbatorix, they stole from him his dragon eggs, but he could not hatch them
himself, anyway, but this in surely, taken on in, this world was broken back in time,
'Take this egg and know my ancient score, this one egg, and know my ancient score, this world, this little ancient one, this world in
which she knows before, this world in surely taking on in this before, this was gone innit for, this world, this in our worlds for, this
in our loving, this wasn't taken, this wasn't taken, this truly born phoenix, this rising from ashes, these in our lovings, back, here in
our timings, this wasn't, gone on innit for until the last, ones, taken on, this world, this princess Mononoke, this girl, she knows him
and knows me well enough in all this, but surely, this reminds me of another, a friend tu us all, and this world, he is of different
regardings, and he has become ancient, but he is young still, and is the primal dog's baby brother, she regards him as such, and he
knows this only score, in this, and knows his names for these in sure,
He is called Jasper, and he knows this score, this world in which he lives and breathes for good, this in worlds, so surely on, this
world in witness, this world in taking over more, this world, this wasn't gone on in for, this was gone, this whoel entire place is lost
tu us, not even close so, take it all can you? Can you breathe this, name for him? This world, in his own regards now, this in sureness,
this in his sureness, this isn't your loving, this isn't your loving, this, wasn't his loving,
   Like the dragon mother, this Japser is an emperor and primal guardian, and know show to bare a special kind tu you, if you are tu
kall tu him, and say, I know this score, I know this rhythm, please be there for me, I know, so, please believe in fate, divided, stand
together now and on in for, this life, this one living, this in taken over,
set set, this, set set, this set set, this once, this set Set set! This once, this set set! This world, in Jasper's own livings, this in his
universe here! This world in his chapters! This world, this world in his own chapters! This world in sureness, he can, transform,
Change, his form, and step through time and power so fluidly, so quickly, you could scarcely even believe he was real, he invented
this right, this course, this this, only, this once, once once once, this once, this this this once this once, this once, this this this, once,
this, Change,! into, this, this world,! This world, learn and adapt for, this world! This entire world! This, wasn't gone, for, this in sure,
this world, this whole entire world, in my livings,t his, wasn't gone back in for, this in one true chapter, this in one true chapter, this
once this once this once, this once, this once, this once, this once, this life, this once, this life, this once life this once life, this, once,
so surely, Change! This course! this world! this, this world! this world, undivided! This world, merged!
   He is the keeper of a special kind of egg, this world in which you could know, he will show you this world, but you must show him,
you can Change, with these courses, this world in what, we are, this world, in our own, this, in, this in, this in, this world, this, this,
Change! This change! This world, this ch-ch-change! This world, this world, this world, this this this world,! This, this this, world!
So surely he is of a unique breed of reality, one of his own makingks, and I create him, alongside one of the most beautful women in
this universe, she of the silver blood, who knos this ancient course in life, his own life, and she can call tu him,but knowing this in
his owning Back in this world that we'd know, this whole entire 'verse, this wasn't gone on in all in it alone for this in my world,
this inside my only world,! This world, this one world, this, this, one world! This, this one world!
   He created his own universe, after we made him, and surely, from this place, new life has sprung, and it is eternally changing,
so surely in this only course, this in his livings, this only world that we couldn't not know about here in this once in a life, this in my
life, this in my only coursing, world, this wasn't gone, on innit for, this whole world, this ancient course, he is taken on, in this life
he is this world in sure hiding not, but changing, shifting, and sure learn of his ilk, and call to them! These worlds you  could have
known in this only life we're coursing for, in, this, World! This in my only life that I'd choose here tu be alive, this in my only worlds,
this, in my world, this in my life for this, this this inside my life, this here inside my own life so, take it all on!
but sure, Jasper has a brother, only one other, this in close regardings; brother means one thing, when you say it tu him, and this
world in our plying back and forth in this, universal truth!
   But his life is a secre tu now, so know it not, until you can call for him, for Jasper, and know of his kind, for he would bare one of
of his little brothers or sister to you, and entrust them to your care, and know this course, for a name, and know in only one other
course of his life; he is the black and white tiger under the moon, and he knows, this ancient course, this Jasper cat, this world in
his own ordering, this, predator, of the night, and day, and sure in beautiful colors, he is alive, and watching for you, destined....
Hm.... my naem is Hades, and, I have an elder brother, of ancient regardings... he is, different form all these others in oldest settings,
back in time, for good, this life, he breathes this shadow, and knows of this ancient course, in life, so in this he thrives and kills at will
but can you know, him, still?
   Poseiden believes in darkness, deep in the oceans' blue, but knows too, of ancient life, and sees these in his own regardings, this
world taken back on in, this whole world, taken, back! set back!
Back back!
It is my owen life, I know, that in this plaes, I know your colors not, but you kouldst know of me, and my keind, that this was gone
on for, and surely taek'n back in spade, but this in living, trust,  and of knowingk, this, I wouldst speak of my sons, these two, most
in fortitude, that this was gone and granted on for,...
   One, is called Pan, and he is well regarded as one of the most powerful dark lords, whenever he wishes to be, for, he knows that
justice and love alike, are sometimes best carried out, in the darkness,
No, you know, Nothingk, of the dark side, of the Force... He knows all, in this, his world, in this, orange light, at birth, and in this
black right, in his life, but he has taken, not, your colors, for this in sure, he knows, this old course, and hallows, his own ground,
and knows of bravery beyond your wildest imaginings, mortal, and will speak not to you, but of you, in your own regaringks of him,
and his name is Darth Vader, as was mine, before him, and sure in this, we share the name Anakin, as well, and Skywalker, not,
for I am not skywalker, but Hades, of the underworld, and he is my son and love, but knows this ancient course in his death, for he
never betrayed mein owen twin brother, whom you call this, Kenobi, but they were brothers in arms always together, and in love,
and each knew tu th'other, what in the Force they could see, and Kenobi believe in no such code for righteousness, ever, only trusted
in what he saw, in the force, and you should know, Anakin did not, slay his own mother, whom you thought his wife, but surely that
she trusted him in what he did, and she knew he was tu play the Sith lord in happeningk, and this was so that she kould come to
him, and that he could send her away, and in sure death, the heretic emperor saw, her  happening, and this was his purpose; to hide
this beloved mother, Amidala, from the gaze of the emperor, and I did not let her go this course alone, but found her, many years past
what you believe in these fates, but I am Hades, and these legends were never not broken apart by those who know us not, and this
in sureness, is what you have of the cur, Lucas, or the other cur, Homer, and theirs was a heretical faith, and they are poor bastards,
still, and not in this life forever on, for Death comes for them both, and I know its course, and once I release it, I have no say....
Thanatos.... Thanatos..... I call to you.... Thanatos,... my reaper,... Thanatos,..., Thanatos,....
   This is my owen son, Pan, and he knows this cry, for he is Darth Vader, and he is death incarnate to sith and haters of love and
for surely on in this life, these legends are tu be known by you, and yours, but sure divided they may have become, and they will
be hacked apart, in sureness, and only in your knowingk of red truth, kouldst you know their truest ilk, in their regardings, and
surely on in, tu this next life, I was kalled nothing, but sure was, nothing, but this in my owen rights, I am sure, and death does
not become what I am, still, and I will protect my owen son from what I have had to bare, alone, and yet he seeks me out still, and
takes upon himself these burdens of darkness, borne, in darkness, and he was not raised by it, nor moulded by it, but thrives in it,
for he knows orange light, and this you cannot take from him, or any other, btu this is his own regaring, and he knows my own
father, this, true father, Hephaestus, the god of courage and mischeif, or something, and knows not of what you are in this death,
for sure in this next life, you couldst believe, yes? That Hades was once called Darth Vader?
   This was an ancient name, when my own son took it up, and take it, he did, for long since had he shared this secret name of his
his supposed confidante, Sideous, who always believed Anakin to be a true sith in waitingk, but he was a jedi, from the moment
of his conception, and always breathes the Force, as none but he know how, and so he trusted himself to, 'befriend,' this sith lord,
and surely, he tore his mind apart for many decade, hence and before this fall of the crooked jedi order, and they were a corrupt
band of mercenary sorcerers, in sureness, and when the younglings attacked Vader, it was in blindness to their own cause, for this
in sureness, they could have believed in his leadership above the ancient credo of the jedi religion, this cult, and should have, but
in their blindness, they saw him in yellow eyes not yet, but him in his hood, with his blue blade in palm, and thought to know
that they were then the truer jedi,
I was there, on that planet, in that temple, before Anakin sent us, the children, not the younglings, away, in the Force, and know
not of my lies, but of my courage and heart, in this, that this is an ancient legend, and you may think it modern, but it happened
long ago, in a far away place, and this was truth until poorly bastardized by the heretic, Lucas, and he will fall, as all the others
before him, as Homer had, before him, and surely not by my own blade, but by my wit, for it is well wheted by now, and surely, his
filthy lies will be exposed, and his portrayal of my own son, he wil pay dearly for...
My naem is Hades, and the dead do not come to the underworld as you may have imagined, but they are dead in their lives before,
and surely lose faith in their own degrees.
   The penance paid to the ferrier on the river Styx is a sordid lie, but surely back on in jest not, back in testing, this world was gone
on in for, that you will die standing up, if you kontinue to believest in thís world, of, coin, so surely in, that these plaeses, are, not
the same, as you kan't have imagíned zem, zey are, sure, dif'rent, gone back, surely taeken, this lief, this sure fire, back, this, back,
sure fire, this, once, overture, this, back, this sure fire, this, back, this sure fire, world, this sure fire world, this, back, taeken, this,
back! back! taken, aback!Back!
I'm not goingk to explain it to you, except to tell you you are stupid for dyingk on your feet, liek this, and know that if it was Thanatos
who came to klaim you, you have no plaes in my halls, below or abuv, for this in surest regardings, he will cease your existence;
that is the callingk, and my own, and so in this sureness, this one regard, this death comes and delivers all from sin, for This is Life
we are breathingk for death, in destruction, we bring for tu you, all the sith, so die poor fool and believe it, was me, and die for, we
free and you will suffer hence, this sure fire brings orange light to bare, or red light, tu snaire all your breathe sure away, so live
like a fool while, you can, and die for, our lands free from pits of your sick, this death brings us back to, your time, this in sureness,
we'll find all the means gathered here, for green light, I bring, or my friends come, in, many colors, let us say, all true colors, are
destined to rip you apart and devour you not, but destroy the very essence of what evil brings....
this in blackest regards, we own the night.... it is ours, for yours is bathed in sick white light, this sure cometh, this death cometh,
we are this justice, we are this love, this world, this, will not do for you, sure enough, this shadow, form'd and bred for these our
tri'ls born in this, death for cometh sure in spades, that mine, owen blackness, this on my heart, for, sure in your death you've come
to suffer for these; your sins, so bleed and die like poor wretched fools and bleed while you're at it in Red! This, life we breathe will
bring coming dark, darkness is our true color, this is our right, this is our life, this we breathe! So surely you kould die, and let this
be witness warningk, that even if you are, capable of love, you may be a fool, some instrument of evil, more fool you, that we will
bleed it out of you, and with no barber's tool, but mein owen blade, or sure, this, of the King Kamehameha, whose sword rings out,
and topples the heads of kings of any regard he sees fit to dispatch, for tu protect this life as he knows it, and he is of the elder gauds,
and needs no appraisal from mortal men, but has it, and surely in his life, he is well loved, and wise, and knows this, surely, so in
red light, he bleeds you out, this in surest death become, and in all these colors spent, and there are more, we bring tu you, and sure
in their blinding light, you die...
   But sek, this once in my lief, this once, sure in for lief, this once in sure, this wasn't black that this regard, wasn't so bad in all my
lief, this once sure, this in my life, that we bare, here on tu know, this was gone, sure here enough, that this was never wanted, bad,
this was sure in, sadness waiting hopingk, this, world in taken aperture, this class, this world, this world renown, this surest fire,
this taken back, in my owen lief, this surest world, this surest place in all, these worlds surely taken, this world surely taken, on, this
life was taken, on, this sure fire in, our lives, this world was gone on for, this, forever more, this world, sure, forever more, this world,
this wasn't bad, but hey here we are and this was gone, on sure here enough, that this wasn't ever, over, now, this, was, never over,
this, was, this was our, war, this, this this was our game, this this this was our right, so, tu bare here, now, this in sure,ness, taken,
on, in my own liv'ingk, set, this once sure, this, back, step, this once, this, life in jest not in remains this wasn't half so bad,.. as all
that,.,, but you couldn't have to know, why I speaketh, liek this, unless you know my, fav'rite colors, and this in closest set regards,
this in sureness taken back, this once, this once back in, my only life, this was gone, this hope, this surest trepid, change in all our
tides, this world wasn't gone on in for, that we couldn't know in this once life, this one life for, this life, this once in ours so surely,
this once in life, take, take, this courage, this, this mistaken, life, this once, this mistake on the terrace, see them? See the sickness
incarnate? This in life, they will die by sword, in sureness, they will die by wit, whetted set in the grace of our friends, now, this,
in all our love, but, this, was gone on in for, this old love of mine, this, gone, sure, this once, this once, this once, this once, this once,
this loving taken, back in sureness, this life surely spent on in, that there are those, in our own love, that is tu say, those who are,
kapable, uv love, whom still are trepid fools, and deserters of sanity, and they are sick, surely, but I will not allow them to spread
this contagion, tu others, for they harm, and demean, and so the wicked will be punished, and surely, they have immortal life not
inseperable from this in reality, that on in this, there are also those, in between,
the cause of the fairy fae, is one of evil, and until now, we have allowed them to stay their course, for there were greater evils at our
bays, but in this lief, we set forthe now, with the vanquishing of Sat'tesh completed, I have decided in this, with mein own father,
Hephaestus, tu bare myself to teh faeiry courts, where the masses of fae lay hidden in surest tempest and quickest storm, as though
that made sense, which is what they are liek, and so surely in this, we will move against the fairy fae with all due haste, in slaughter
and mayhem, and those who choosest to become something, else, something other than the shii, then they kould be a part of this one
love, this, legion, we are, and sureness, in this, but until they are no longker fairy fae, they are marked for eternal termination,.
forever, in  case you forgot what eternal meant. The fairy fae are doom'd to die, whether or not they survive, for this in surest
tempest not, this legion will thrive in our latter days, when all evil has been vanquished, and in our own lights, we thrive, and no
amount of chicanery has ever stayed my blaed from the neck and head of a fairy fae;  but that takes forever, so it's much easier to
destory their holds on this world, and this is what we do,... now....
   Sure fire in this once this once, this fire this back this fire stay'd, once,...


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