Down in Memphis


Taking a nice walk 
Down in Memphis 
We’ve got permission 
So what’s to fear? 
Just taking a walk 
Down in Memphis 
Then the cops came along and said, 
"Get the hell out of here" 
Momma, there was a big fight 
Down in Memphis 
I saw it in 
The newspaper today 
Momma, we lost our rights 
Down in Memphis 
And Daddy got killed 
In the bloody fray 
They shot the stars from the sky 
Down in Memphis 
When grandma heard the news 
She cried all day 
The hero wouldn’t let a nation die 
Down in Memphis 
And for mankind 
He gave his life away 
All the buildings burned 
Down in Memphis 
I watched the flames 
As my mother weeped 
All the things we learned 
Down in Memphis 
We learned them from the hero 
Who now sleeps 
Down In Memphis 


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