Reflections from a STRANGER


Everyone you meet -
the ones that you avoid-
these people are your reflection.

See yourself as they see you,
Would you be welcomed or Rejected.

Never again,
we should feel unwanted
through strangers eyes
we see our true reflection.

And In those eyes-
looking back at you,
Do they see a tool to use?
Or do they see a weapon?

The Devil in the mirror you please,
the first you love.
the first you feed.

before your needs,
Cold are you,
and another hungry.

The stranger sees who you are,
The Devil in disguise,
who looks like you.

I was blind like most,
today I see,
with your eyes
my identity.

when we love a stranger,
we love ourselves,
Because in your eyes
I finally see me.

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Our world
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"I am the Walrus" by "The Beatles" was inspiration for this.

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