It was 1940-something in a war-torn land,
Young men scattered across the globe, each longing for the end.
Fighters, Divers, Sailors--each doing their own part,
Although they did their duty, from their family they were far apart.

Sunday, December 7, America fought that day,
Peaceful Pearl harbor was trampled by the Japanese brigade.
Ships were shattered, shores in shreds, buildings burning too,
But still our Nation's banner still flew red, white, and blue.

The surprise of that day was hidden from our sight,
But the outcome caused our Nation to rally and propel a fight.
Our boys were called by Uncle Sam to go far away,
Java Sea, Wake, Guam, and the island of Midway.

MacArthur, Nimitz, and Dolittle too,
Trying to figure out what they could possibly do.
They devised a plan called "island-hopping", furious to avenge,
America wanted blood-for-blood, destruction, and revenge.

The Potsdam Declaration was signed by the Allies to finish
the Pacific War,
But Japan wanted to fight and to dwindle America to its very core.
America wanted to win the prize and finish once and for all,
So we designed a deadly device to demolish and assault.

The Manhattan Project was what we called the Atomic dynamite,
We dropped it on Hiroshima, but Japan would not go without a fight.
We had to do it again on Nagasaki land,
For after this we shook Japan's sorry hand.

We won the war against the Pacific Power, after four long years,
For across America all we heard were cheers.
"The War is Over!" is what was cried on that fateful V-J Day,
A cease-fire was signed and all fighting was waived.

We Americans learned something during that time of fear,
To count our blessings and to hold on to what we hold dear.
Japan learned not to bully or to brawl and avenge,
Because if you awake the "Sleeping Giant", all you will get is Revenge.

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