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Love is beautiful when is mutual. I am content because my heartbeat rhymes with yours. As the sun begins to wane I Watch distance growing between me and you.
A tall midnight rose stemmed outside my window when the stars were electric with rain.    The most beautiful shade of black you’ve ever seen,
To only have you. I'd have it all. Jokes. Laughs. Love. Come with me, Lucas. 
Before the light shone on my new face, My family was already around me,  The first born child, I am the newest roots to my lineage. Who runs through my veins,  Who I unconditionally love,
STOP LOOKIN’ AT ME LIKE THAT!!   By: Cody Burnette   Stop lookin’ at me like that! I’ve graduated top of my class
       i need you "please"     but you need me                           really?      yes, i don't care what they say                 or what they mean
Through the cloudy night I can see the moon shining It’s like a dream with the moon and stars and the things I’ll never tell Adding a breeze with the stars flaring in sky as they are is perfect timing
Why'd you do that? I thought you loved me  Why wont you stop beating me? I wish that I could hug you but  You just make me cry You said I was a mistake, what did I do to you I didn't mean to hurt you
Faith. It sounds so simple. A cliche some might say. But to me, Losing my faith would be as if I lost my sanity.   My faith in God is a necessity. Without it, life would mean nothing.
I hope you're happy.. But I also hope you miss me 
To My Psychic Other Half:   Dancing in a gym full of Mormons, Belting out the lyrics to Fancy at midnight, Driving- wind racing past our faces
In the spring,  the flowers  do not doubt they will bloom.   Just as salmon, do not doubt
It was her, Her, Whom I've known All my life;   The one Who: Inspired me, Changed me;   Hearing her Story, Escaping from the
All I need is love, Because love is where I find my home Love is where i find my friends and family They heal me with their kindness, they help me through my anger, they help me overcome For all I need is food
I want to feel the wind breezing against my face when the weather is warm. I want to taste chocolate dissolving on my lips after a long day.
I need I need I need I NEED I need a mirror Not to stare at myself and drool over my supposedly good looks Which is false Or to use to better my looks for no one to see
I needed it. A search for help comes too late, to those who wait. Not a cry or yelp will be of use.   I waited too long I missed the deadline. I sing my song of emptiness,
Desertion, desolation An island of thought If only I had In my dreams  reality.  
I will always remember all those days as a kid, when we would sit in that big metal truck and drive away. You’d role down the windows on those sunny cold days,
It's a lovey day to meditate,  To center yourself in an abstract way, Forget your situation, to stimulate wu wei.
All I need Gravity. Seven letters for the strength to hold millions of species on planet earth.
    “All I want to do, ever, is play chess,” Bobby Fischer   The ocean ever lapping just beneath my feet Is too unnoticed at present time,
If I were to open my eyes And find myself in a stranded land, The first thing my eyes would do, Is search for you.
Alone on a desert, no way to escape. Trapped on an island, are you taking the bait? Decide what to take, your choices are few, So make the right selection, it’s all up to you.  
And if you wish to waste me wake me before it's done; I wish to see the sun  one last time before the dirt; the endless ways it throws its rays upon the sullen earth.
Take this moment and lock it in this heart-shaped locket. It's anatomical, because she's logical, less philosophical than me. I'm this heart, she's all head. She said, "We balance on edge
I wish I could say that all I need in  life is a simple song But you're my only melody   Tea at twelve AM and a car ride dignify you and the city lights beaming past the glass window
Moments frozen in time, The shadow that walks behind me Through day and fades by night. This is but a reflection.
Total isolation, but I do not feel devastationthe compete oppositefor the cascading waves bring comfortDragging away and swallowing my collection of anxiety and stressNot to be stingy but that would be enough,to have some peace of mind   
Looking around at what was once Earth -Now lifeless, silent, and still.The Earth begins to shed its silent tears
The most meaningful thing to me is what every man pursues  It is what binds us to the belief that if we do certain things, we can achieve it But when we achieve it, we will be yearning for more
It’s raining There’s a storm outside but inside I’m raging fierce yet calm.   I was leaden heavy and dragging
My pen and paper Two thing I can't live without My sole comforters  When I am in doubt Through tornados and storms And tears and moans I know I'll be alright With a pen and paper in hand
I love a bio textbook When you        open         it for the first time. Few people understand The way the pages   Sparkle   And the spaces between the lines   Effervesce.
how long can you survive without sleep?science isn’t too sure.but I can tell youbecause I’ve beenburning the midnight oil,I think the fire consumed all it couldso I feed it my fingers first
Driven, ambitious, strong, dreamer. All the things that make me, me. I need myself, I need me.
Do you think about it daily? Do you think about it a lot? That one thing you can’t live without? Well let me tell you, for me its gorilla snot. Yep you heard me right. Gorilla S-N-O-T with the extra “ought”.   
When I ask my father if I should get a summer job He says no. And I say why, And he says because this time of my life is about learning  And yearning to explore my endless curiosities and endless passions
Music is love, Music is life, what would the world do without it.   I get lost in the rhythm, in the beat of the drum,  in the notes strung together and the lyrics that move me to tears.
I adored the beach, Which became my oasis when lonely thoughts plagued my mind.  Juice from the mangoes I’d pick dripped from my full lips as I bathed in the clear waters, and the afternoon sun.  Sweet sounds of Erykah Badu’s singing voice filled
                        “NEVER BE AFRIAD TO BE YOURSELF” -Mother      Bring me myself in a box, hypothetically 
Some say it’s the simple things in life That you must enjoy. I say, why not enjoy all of it For as long as your breath
Once fallen shall rise again, to serve it's final purpose: Protect and turn into dust, in love--a guiding compass.   Darkness built on sacred place, with taste of rotten apple.
They call it the Louvre, and I guess that's cool... but they don't know what it means for me and you. For us, it means laughter, for us, it means friendship, for us, it means Love. Do you remember that day?
 Together we relax in each other’s company.  The stresses around us drift away. Together we talk for hours about destiny,  riveting lives around us display.
Toes blanketed in granular warmth The wind slinks through my tresses. The tide creeps in,  The sun's weighed down, The sand coalesces, On this island I've brought one thing 
blue like the sky on a summer day sun drenched no stress nothing but cloudless and blue like the sea vast, neverending so open that I fear one step more and I too 
All I need Is the joy you give. All I need Is you challenging me to live.   Your constant reminders That everything will be okay
All I need Is the joy you give. All I need Is you challenging me to live.   Your constant reminders That everything will be okay
Cold. The first thing I feel when coming into this unruly world. Noise fills my ears as beeping and voices fill the room. I think they are happy But I am not.
Most people think about their lives,  what they'll do who they'll be. I was once like that you see, thinking of the future thinking of whats meant to be. Until the day came where I choose to end it all,
In a world with billions of people A world with you and me A world with creatures of all shapes and sizes That roam free and wild  
I’ll take you on this journey; across warm bars of sand, over regal mountains resting in the verdant pastures. Embrace the treasures of soil beneath your naked feet.   As your soul tremors
They say that in the beginning there was nothing no air, no light, no life. Now whether you believe in science or religion both hold this to be true, With the big bang setting off a never-ending molecular reaction
There is one passion which I can only express through the tongue on the tip of my pen.
Oxygen deprivation Is an awful thing indeed Light headedness, blackout Hemoglobin in desperate need But yet as scary as this seems Of all the priorities it supercedes It's nowhere near as vital
I stand to lift my hands in praise and elevate my eyes towards YOUR own. YOUR face reminds that I am never alone, that YOU hold me all my days.   YOU captivated me and set my heart ablaze.
Stepping into an unknown world galaxies, universes all in the Steps of another things i’ve never Felt Beauty i’ve never seen
All I need is something that is inspiring Something that helps me conquer the tragedies of life Something that creates a spark within me
Bringing so much joy Doesn't everyone have two Smelly shoes you save
Without them you are empty. You stare out the window But you never see their faces lit by sunlight. When you hear that song That flash of vision, that heady compulsion Will never appear.
Love, technology, and gold All we lust and admire Though who knows When worst comes, worst goes Stranded on land, stranded in heart
"Love," I confess. "No more, no less."
When I was a newborn, it was Mommy. When I was six, it was to be "a big girl." When I was fifteen, it was freedom. Now -   I thought I knew who I was. I thought I knew what I wanted.  
"Love," I Confess. "No more, No less."
One. This world is filled, overflowing with things, and items, and possessions, and far too many bits and pieces of lives. In a society revolving on idealistic variety and materialistic identity,
Is it just me, or has life kinda lost its sense of  euphoria? Like its become mundane in a way? I mean ,like, it's a beautiful day
Feelings are a necessary nuisance Meant to tickle nerves running inside. Grotesque, wondrous heart empowers since Without it, I would actually die.
Coffee is black Sugar is white Cream is flavored The cup and handle Brew it fresh Brew it cold Coffee is perfect No matter the temp No matter the taste The love of my life
Life To survive is not to live. That much is clear. Is it life if you go day to day without thinking, never going beyond what is necessary?  
A zealous tempest from within It craves your triumph, this humorously tenacious emotion  When conquered by hatred, pain, and depression It'll arise evermore against all apprehension
All I need Is the deep-seated Heartfelt love The love that is Rich and pure Abundant and warm The love that Pours from the heavens And sprouts from the ground  
There is an ocean before me, Waves dancing and touching, As if they were old lovers, Their romance grand.   The breezes are soft, And they kiss my skin, Then leave me once more,
All the princes and princesses told me to always be hopeful, I didn't know how it would help me through dreadful, times when I wished I was everyone except myself  mind full, 
You mean the world to me. Around you, I feel happy and carefree. I can be myself. Around you, I have no restrictions.
Meet me at the barrier between thoughts and tangibility sift through my unconscious separate oil from water
All you need is love, But love for what? Is it a love for money? For power? For food? For another person? But none of these will help you survive   All you need is food.
All I need is the wind in my hair, Sun on my face, Sand on my feet.   The worries of life, Of love, Of loss, Fading far behind me.   All I need is a book in my hands,
Piano Girl   Hitting the keys with the power my fingertips My mind spins The sound flutters my heart   A piano
If all else was gone, or I had to make a choice, what could I never leave behind? Love? Friendship? Money? No I have been without those before. A pen... Without a pen, the ink,
A supporting friend, tall and strong, helps me find my balance. Her presence is certain,  never doubting our friendship. Her skin is thick, where mine is not defending us against the harsh elements,
Confused on what to do next Life has left me to be fixed   Still I fall and stumble I will always stay humble   Surrounded by many But mentally all alone  
I have a skull And my skull hangs low When I'm walking around and I sulk Inside said head I have something that's one of a kind It's my one and only mind Call me narcissistic, call me pretentious
Through the shrouded environment, I feel my feet sinking into the fragmented pieces below me that was once a solid yet now has been disintegrated due to violence, ignorance and misconception.
I often hear people ask, for fun, "What would you bring on a deserted island?" Some think of survival and bring their gun. Others want to explore in the highlands. In all seriousness, what would I need?
I can’t live without you You’ve calmed my nerves, Survived the doldrums of the ‘burbs With you   You helped me focus in on my vision
I want the earth to be brighter, not broader or else we will be broader and not brighter I believe there is good in even the most evil, light inside every single soul
Stuck, stranded,alone and abandoned  but my heart won't give up, my spirit won't vanish all i need is music flowing through my soul making me live on music heals the wounds from the blood that is drawn
All I need is neither a bird nor a tree Nor a man to keep Me safe   What I really need is a cooler mom Or a different worldview,
"Let me tell you something If you took away the money if you took away the fame, the spotlight, if you took away the lifestyle and all the things that come with it,
We are told to filter ourselves To hold back on the truth of our words For we are too naive to understand the power in which words hold
My cracked lips define the need to eat something salty or else collapse At this point I am delusional and unaware of how much time has lapsed  The large blue panorama that defines my surrounding space
My heart forever sings-- Though guilt still lurks so near Word of God grace brings   Still sovereign is my King When Future fills with fear--
there is a thing we all can't live without we need it desperately it's a deep void we try to fill with meaningless things but it can only be filled by one thing Jesus
Inside, The burning thought in my mind, The ever panging need to search for truth, The want to consider, The feeling of gaingng knowledge, The amazing conglomeration of one idea into another,
Boyfriend Handsome, Clever Caring, Loving, Trusting Always with me no matter what Future
I died The moment they said you were gone, wells of water streamed from my face. Your smile, your jokes, your cigarette stained breath The way you wiped away my tears
All I need   Gravity.  Seven letters for the strength to hold millions of species on planet earth. As much as we would like to think Stability and Gravity are the same, Gravity protects us from being swept away But stability braces us against the
It started April 9th, Who knew that wishing you a happy birthday would change my life? Then April 25th, That night we talked, and I knew I had found my person.  
Don’t touch me There’s a storm in these veins, and sometimes it                                erupts Shows itself between the cracks, where the metal starts to rust and I                 Have it on a leash.
God is not all I need I would be lying if I said that He is all I need   God, He is A fictional superhero Not
Life is needy. It has requirements for sustainability. The underlying theme in most of those things is Love. Love can be found in everything, If you dig deep enough. We see violence, Racism, Bigotry,
Without hope I would feel incomplete, Daydreaming makes me feel so merry,I always like to think my life is a story, But events will never repeat,So I experience each day like a treat, I reach for the glory, And I am not be held down by worry, Hope
Before my first breath, I attended class Listening to voices and what they said Words too complex for my understanding Yet their inflections and tones stirred within Little did I know, I’d find a career
This watch staring up at me It's face whispering, you can't live without me repeating again as eras pass over every chance to be triumphant    Mozart spent endless nights 
Don't know what to do on this barren field Lined pages stare back asking me what I feel Knowing I don't want anything concealed I relay all that happens here The start and end, but what I fear
If the world was ending And fire scorched the streets And cities burned through Turning to ash everything we knew That would be alright As long as I was with you.   If the world was ending
Any chance we got We would sit above The busy lights. Where they go Is not our worry, But how are you, we would say
When the pain sets in and your heart begins to sink, you almost forget you were born a human and not a robot as the weight suddenly becomes too heavy to hold. As you bite down on your quivering lips and inhale through your nose.
Take a few words, Bind them with string, Add a little rhythm, And hear the music they bring.   Left without a pen, Still making a song, Chase away the darkness -
Clenched teeth, nails digging scratching skin to hide the rage. Loud voices, head is spinning. God someone please just turn the page of this book that I want out of, this book that is my own.
I reach for a part of day Thinking of my magical dreams when I can do anything Like flying above the great blue sea   I reach for a part of day
As lovely as a song, that makes my belly sing along, is a triple layer lasagna with 3 layers of pasta.   Four layers of bubbling cheeses, and sauce; that can appease, to much ease,
Together since the beginning, we were not alone in the womb. We saw our friendship increase  with every additional spring bloom.   Together we learned  and together we grew
“Just write about it.” Those words stood still in the air. After hours of screaming then cleaning the mess, After breaks and pauses of silence, hatred confessed,
I live on what Some people may call An arctic wasteland I’ve seen people leave And say they hate this place But after six years I still love it here. I’ve learned how to hunt with
Day one  Water and sand No need for someone In this deserted land   I shoot my thoughts  Into the sky Judgment aint here To bring them down   Blank canvas  Day five 
This is America. It is the land of the free. It is the land of the opportunity. My parents touched this soil not for themselves, For it was too late for them, But for me. For my brothers. This is America.
Between the pages, among the ink Among the open-eyed nights Unfolds a world that curls and kinks and twists in lengthy delight Nestled in a mantle of tone Bestowed upon the eye
Art lets me release my pent-up feelings, Lets me take out my frustrations, Lets me escape my malicious thoughts.   I need expression to clear my mind.   No other thing could replace the effects that
What’s the one thing I can’t live without, If, on a sunny day, at the beach, and the waves are crashing, I find Myself needing something worth needing, I might just scream and shout. Is it a book? Perhaps, if Fate is kind.
The most precious of them all; an old fashioned book. Filled with secrets, mystery and courage; disliked by many for it's message.   Stories of courage, hope, and guidance;
"Damn, what a fam," I say to myself As I admire our picture on the shelf   Ask anyone of us We'll tell you that we're the best
The ocean is a dark place Sea full of wonders, yet filled with unused space The way the moon bathes in the light of the sky And quickly disappears into the silence of the night
I am in love with what nature gave me The ultimate gift One that will never be put in the trash or given away It brings me joy, creativity, and life
Music   A Melody A Harmony A Beat A Rhythm   It pierces
“It will all work out in the end,” she said. She said it with confidence in her eyes, Like she knew of no greater truth than this The one thing she clung to at the darkest of times.
I am alone on an island missing the bible in my hand Feeling my spirit weak a tear falls on my cheek I sit alone on the grands of sand
  Placed onto my feet, Taking me from concrete to street. Leopard print and bright pink, They move me to think. They have always been there, Without them I am bare. Every place I have explored,
I'm stranded on an island A scary thought indeed All I can say is I'm happy I have me With me comes laughter A result of constant humor I pour out stories And unasked for sarcasm
Slowly it flows through my veins Slowly it propels my desire As the passion that laid dormant Once again ignites   You won't go anywhere, they said
A lonely island, an empty rock, Midst the storm-tossed sea. All alone, what a shock! What would I need with me?   A book, a tool, a Swiss-Army Knife? A friend, a home, a piping tin fife?
Who's island is this I do not know, It's beautiful, It must belong to someone so, not a soul in sight it must be deserted though.   Surrounded by ocean and double crossed by strems,
It’s difficult Living in a world that’s constantly changing Constantly developing new ideas That want to enter your mind
“All I Need “   A world without compassion Is not one worth living in. “The world doesn’t care,” some say. But I do.
As I reflect on my life, And aimlessly pounder; I find my mind drifting, Seeking memories of my father. It's been years since I saw him, We live in two different worlds. As I remember our last summer,
The water that cools my heart, The fire that burns in me,  Oh why can I not see For thou my life is marked?   For though in the rhythms of life The schisms will cause strife, 
I stood in my shower waiting and hoping that when I got out that the world would make sense I tried to wash my emotionsdown the drain but it left me shaky and raw And the hot water feels like home because my life is living hell
All I need in this life is Claire Because Claire is kind, smart and fair. Without her I cannot feel at all, And so with her, in love I’ll fall.   Yet I knew then that something wasn’t right.
GunshotsWho could it be?I picture a student in ill-fitting clothing and unwashed hair.What kind of rifle? Is this how I'll die?What will I say when I beg for my life? I stop breathing. Eyes are frantic My heart sinks like lose change.I Imagine all
The question itself is timeless and versatile I'm not even sure how many times I've been asked "If you were deserted on an island, what one thing would you want to have"
Education now and days you’re so overlooked. For everything about you is something out of a science fiction book. You bare new wonders for me to learn that always seem to intrigue.
I lack the wisdom to survive these waters... My life... was a cycle I drift on a pale blue raft into a black abyss My mental complex intrigues me Allowing me to watch and observe
There’s something about the feel Of the strings beneath my fingers That allows me to forget the world, Even for just a minute. There, Tucked behind the smooth, Glistening spruce body,
If 'Hope is the thing with feathers, That perches on the soul', Then I hope it doesn't fly away, Once I'm washed ashore.   And I hope it spreads its wings, To shield me through the night,
All I need is myself For in me there is strength Hidden talents But as an open book I feed my flaws
Waves crash in my head as my life reverberates inside my mind. Words that are not mine and sounds that I take as signs Where ever I am, it is there. Thankfully or painfully I live with that fact.
The things I fear aren’t always as tangible as death  or the loss of the ones I love. Sometimes I fear loneliness and simplicity Things staying still.   From the words I devour 
I can’t live without air. I need to be able to breathe. I can’t live without water. I need to stay hydrated. I can’t live without food. I need the nutrients to stay fit. I can’t live without my heart.
I don't want to be like you
It starts as a sound in your gut. A breath you suck in so hard the dip between your clavicles deepens. Then, as your breath goes down, The sound goes up. Up. Up. Up.  
They call me drake cause they I respect. I like to take date before I try to kiss them.Walking down hand and hand like that old school shit. I don't rush things.Taking time with her, Cracking joke is what I do the best.Tend to please her in good k
I don't know what I really think.
I notice you everywhere but you don't notice me. I stay in the shadows knowing that I won't be able to do anything. To talk or to be with you is all I desire. I'm just someone that you don't even notice when I'm around.
It has always been a fear of mine, To go through life alone. This long lost island is a sign, Of an end in ash and bone. But if I had a choice, On my journey to the close.
So goes the age old story With those who are needy With thoe who are greedy And those who want all the glory   However, here comes a new one One about a girl and her love From the heavens above
All I need is to be heard All I want is to be heard. Hear me through the facades of my contempt. Hear me loud and clear through all the white noise of my laughter.
One thing I can't live without is my humanity.I know this without a doubt, because I will loose my sanity which will cause a lot of calamity then I'll be on the edge of insanity 
A Krazy Kahlo and Picasso By Lauren Ward   All I Need Is a Painting. A Picasso. Or maybe a Frida Kahlo.  
Love at Sea   As I was walking down the beach I felt the hot sand on my feet The land was tropical and the heat was hot The sun ruined everything until it would rot  
Love is.. Heart ripper, beat skipper, mind stopper, sight fogger, earth mover, butterfly giver, skin prickler, hair raiser. Music maker, passion creator, breath taker, wound healer,
Barren and desolate I’ll lay Empty and so afraid Shivering in the sun Teeth gritting in the calm not before the storm I’ll be here Within my solitude
Swimming in the ocean And feeling the waves and their rolling motion. As the sun kisses my skin and the water carries my body I feel as if I am flying.   As I soar my legs are ripped from under me
The highest possession I hold the thing closest to my heart is not a possession at all its a person who loved me from the start with her unconditional love I would never wish to part, ways with her
If I was stranded all alone I know i'd bring my favorite tome, Each page would remind me of home.
All I need is the silky touch of you, Oh, how I love the texture and length Of your soul. You make my days Brighter, cleaner, whiter.  
All I need is the silky touch of you, Oh, how I love the texture and length Of your soul. You make my days Brighter, cleaner, whiter.  
On an island by my side. Theres one thing that is dear to my heart. With my three year old son I cannot part. Ive never let him stay a night away. I sleep beside my baby every night.
We sit on a bench in Stuyvesant Town, stumbling into one another with words: Perhaps I am submerged in your heart like one of those pennies in the fountain; Perhaps that saxophone player does have
A symphony of harsh voices rushes to her body. Each more beastly than the last. They shout, they scream, they rip her up. But they don't know about her past. A broken beauty still so fresh,
What if I were stuck on an island, All alone? What is one thing I need? Love. Love is one thing I need. I need to feel loved.
¿Qué es la música? Sonidos. Palabras. Arte. Palabras con sonido – arte en todo su esplendor. Hay más de lo que uno se imagina. Detrás de cada canción, cada sonido Hay un significado oculto.
I saw the cuts on her arms But she is the one Who saw the broken Saw the scars in me   She offered me safety And comfort and love And she changed my world  
My mother is a superhero in disguise. She will always be my number one prize. My mother gives the gift of education, I believe she could run the nation. Her prep is contagious and so is laugh,
Her My one and only  With her by my side I could live forever Her  Stranded on a island or whatever Just as long as I have her in my arms forever Her I crave nothing more nor less
Precious child, you were put onto this world with ever lasting love.Like a dove,You
I remember: there was a day a sparrow fell from the sky and landed at my feet.   “Dead” my mother announced, pulling me closer and I looked up at her as if toward a building
With my butt in the sand On a deserted island, All I would need (Despite my greed) Is to keep my tranquility With being in privacy, Away from others And their bothers,
They say we make the path we choose I don't know where I'm going. If you don't win, you'll always lose I need some tell and showing.   Luckily, I've two good feet With good sense of direction.
Sunshine, blue water, white sands, tropical island, oh my... a dream vacation, no a nightmarish disaster! Stranded, not one other person, except my dad, oh thank god...
If the yearning has passed and I am no longer aghast in the rooms of my heart, I’ll be going now.   If desire has ceased dripping from solicitous lips, the future is a yawning abyss,
Oh, when will I see the mountains once more? I want to feel the crisp air on my face. The day I had to leave them my heart tore. At my home there is not such a fast pace.
Me and myself alone A deserted Island Stranded like a prisoner Abandoned like a child
This world is filled with darkness and distress. It drags us down like dead weights tied to our being. Pollution, panic, poverty, politics. We disagree, disturb, distrust - our diversity becomes our daily discussion. Please's and
after work I sit on a pillow and meditate   before school I sit on a pillow and meditate  
What can't I live without? While this will sound kinda funny, I would have to say that I can't live without  my MIND.   The doctors tried to take you away from me, 
All I Need If I were on an island, lost and alone, What would I need to make this strange place home? Some might say a cellphone, books, or ropes But I know what I would need the most.
Today  for once I spoke up in class. And instead of  listening and respecting my views, they told me that's a creative thought! But now, think longer make it better.
Dear Keyboard,
Somebody once said No Man Is An Island, But I'm on this Island immersed in desolation without you,
This world is pathetic and obnoxious There is never a single day of peace Humans are what make this world atrocious It is as if they carried a disease People are fake, people betray, pretend
The thing i want most is the same as something i cannot live without. The thing i want most is a woman to hold. The thing i want most can be shy or be bold. The thing i want most will be there by my side.
My favorite mornings Are those when you choose To slip into me.   I hug your body Keeping you warm Making myself needed.   I swing wildly around your waist With every step you take
Scared, stranded, and alone on an island. Choose wisely what to bring along. Rain coat, matches, knife, or food, No not for me.
And in the darker hours, My chest the nest of a skinny baby bird struggling to beat its fragile wings, I am biting my fist, Loathing you, Loathing me. 
My love grows effortlessly A flower in mid-Spring Day by day flowing generously   A love chosen purposfully Profound love, no frivolous thing Day by day flowing generously  
She flew like an eagle, vacant but unafraid No one to touch, no one to hold Welcoming the titillation of warm evening glow No one who listens, no one who sounds
Love. It courses through my veins. It makes me feel alive,  and suddenly I'm harmonious.  Like that of a newborn child, my heart radiates with warmth. 
Imagine. The sand beneath your feet is not sand, but the pores on a giant’s face. You walk on his cheeks and eyes and you reach an ear, a cove nestled beneath a bed of         seasick rocks.
I cant live without my get aways. Endless runs for endless thoughts. They have been there through it all. Every difficult race; every finish line. Been through it all, dirt and all.
To live without everything you need is impossible the first thing you set on your mind is something horrible The first thing that comes in mind is an athlete without its passion
When we die, We don’t need anything. We walk to our deaths as we are, With nothing to hold us down but a Small chain of memory wrapped around our minds.
Something I can't live without is One-of-a-Kind It's not like me in appearance It helps me escape the feelings of loneliness It makes me laugh It is there for me when I cry
When I was four I had my first memory. Before that all I remmber was darkness- which scared me.   I made my way out to the living room. A firl and a women were in there. The women was my Mom
What can I not live without…? A book? A dream? A dish? A phone? A person? No.
Stranded on an island; isolated from society. I wonder why this would happen to me, what act has brought this misfortune upon me? Sounds of cities, people, and cars alike, become a distant memory in what would seem overnight.
It's really quite simple:   I can do without people,  Relationships become a bore.  I'd tolerate a world without sports,  Cause then no one's keeping score.  And I can sacrifice my phone--  IF need be.  Yet,  Upon contemplating things though to be
  I can feel it in my heart I can feel it my soul I’ve felt it since the day I was born   Some say soulmates don’t exist Some say love doesn’t last
If I was stranded  on an island With no hesitation  I’d take you You’re the only one I'd want to be around when theres an option for just two Bringing sunshine to my day stronger then the sun’s rays
My Black Rock Ethiopian Cross   When the yellow school bus rides the asphalt road to school without me, and I am left with disappointment on the curve, and morning winter weather
Although poor with no control, Nor significant influence to this world, I live and breathe to create and dream, The days when I will live my theme, The pitches and the octaves, To the harmonics I adopted,
Practice Every Day Progress with a smile and sweat Love the Daily Grind
I have never been stranded on a deserted island, butI've seen others go. Many a friend has walked alongThat infamous way so broken and winding, off to distant shores.They walk, then run, then swim, to a land
Instead of talking about the obvious things That I can't live without Which are God, Friends, and Family The thing I'm going to talk about Is better than reality My Dreams
  While most people rush to brag about their Moms Or their precious little dog they call TomI’m going to tell you about my makeup collectionAnd how it saved more than just my complexion  I was always a curious little 3rd graderI would go into my m
You may think I'm just a tool, I could even be broken into peices (figuratively), Some think that I can heal, but... Im the one thing that no one can replace because without me... YOUR AS GOOD AS DEAD
Just imagine a world without Him. Everything would have no purpose. Silent and somber it would be with no life, this is why I need Him.
A Beacon of Hope By Arjun Akwei   To the lost man on the mountain, hope is finding the right path
Words that are translated from paper to song, Melodies and beats that just play along, In any language, to and fro, Music is my world and that I know.   Pop in those headphones,
I never knew what it was like to be listened to When you're up at 2 in the morning, crying your eyes out For no reason. I never knew what it was like to have someone there 
Every song Every beat Blurring together, creating something more An entire language made up of seven letters About every feeling you've every felt Between moments, between life times
My to-do list is lighter than I've seen it in years:Pack for an islet; bring only one item.Can I part with both my books and arrears,my backpack and suitcase, my trophies and diadem?
You glisten so clean as your scarceness flees. Barely alive wih one such as I. You give and I take from your cooling embrace, The years without you would be years no more. Douse me with showes of your cooling touch.
The one thing I could never live without is my music, music is extremely important to me because it is the one thing that I can always count on besides my family.
This island, who knows where it is Alone, but not alone. There is so much I need, yet only one thing I can't live without All I need it my art kit.  
Through thick & thin, you were there.Sadness & happiness, joy & anger; you set the tone for them all.MUSIC.No matter the time, day or night, I had you by my side.The beat, melody, lyrics, and all; never fail or disappoint.MUSIC.The day
  What would I need to survive? I already am surviving, Or at least I’m trying.   I’m trying to survive in the world A world that’s slowly being destroyed by those who inhabit it 
She's taken everything for granted. Her friends, her family, and her freedom have never been appreciated. She never realized she had done it. But now, as she lays there, naked and bare, on this cold table
Dreams, Floating along the fabric of my mind, treading into ideas and thoughts. Without these thoughts, how could I live? Nothing can be done without a dream.  
Her life, cut short, But still, I would stay, A home, ripped away, But yet I would not sway Harsh words, that cut, But I care not what they say,
They ask 'What can't I live without' I answer a who Someone that was with me through birth Someone that knows who I am They guess my mom But one day I will have a family of my own
You're strandedYou are aloneYou are lost without the one you wantYet you know that I am what you need It's dampIs it the tropic climateOr is it your eyes pouring from the painYou know that I can dry it up It's coldIs it the breeze rolling off the
We don’t talk a lot about ears, do we? They’re seen as simply the masses of flesh attached to the sides of newly Formed heads at birth Not seen in most respects as something of worth and yet
i once read that there's childhood, and there's childhood aftermath.
If I had to be desertedupon an island shoreand was forced to give up somethingthat I couldn't have anymore.my money, my house, my carthe object that I need the mostin the northern skies, I need my wishing star.my star is what encourages mepicks me
"Work smarter not harder" is the one thing i came to conceive in a deserted location home or work an idea that provides in order to receive
To some I sit on a shelf all dusty and old.  To some I sit in a pew, waiting to be seen.  To some I cause controversey due to what I say.  To one I am a life force that keeps her alive. 
It echoes in my mind, The beating of the drum. Soon after I find, I begin to hum. The rythm and the beat, the bass inside my soul, it makes me move my feet,  it makes me feel whole.
If it wasn't for her I would not be here When my dad was gone for months and months She was always there She is always here for me  Through thick and thin She has raised me well Through all these years
A deep thing to think about: what can't I live without?   I don't know where I'd be without hope It got me through dark times, it was a rope When stuck in a deep hole, I would look to find
Your toes sink through the sands of time As you walk along the shores of doubt On the island on your own No telegram or telephone What is it that you think about?
Isn't is obvious? The things that I need.  Food, water, shelter Wouldn't you agree? But to me it's more More than the obvious It's something deeper Something more glorious.
                           These people are important, they have every meaning                                        My mom, my dad , I'm happy they believe in me                                               
The age old question: What can't you live without? To pick just one thing, Can drive people insane, But if there is just one thing I need, That is my peace of mind.   I can overcome anything,
Trash. Everywhere. He watched. What are you doing? Not thinking, I am screwed.
4 years after me you came along. Your screeching cry Sounded like a sweet song.   Your big, blue eyes Your sandy blonde hair You were so very small With skin so very fair.  
i have faith in someday a someday where it's you and me,kissing and laughing and promisingeternity
How did you do it? Optimism and faith.  Perseverance and ambition. You Excelled in your dreams,  and all you needed was hope.
A thread is nothing without a needle A moth is lost without light  A cookie will always be missing it's completing factor without that full glass of milk And life seems small without my sister  
I can sum up all of life's dreamsBut it always goes back to What seemsLike you and meHow I cannot live without youThe air I breatheThe words I singI don't want to sound like I'm in needBut darling I am freedWhen you're with meEverything makes sens
Conflicted by the pressures of the world, unable to understand what to do, this generation is unable to recognize the power of Knowledge.   Instead what this generation possesses 
Opportunity  Sometimes come in one thousand College debt, please help 
All I really need... To live. Is a couple of books. And a sieve.  One for the learning, the other for discerning, what is right, what's not, and understanding the human motive. Teach me, works of literary
some people might bring a person like a close friend or someone in their family, some people might bring a physical thing like a stuffed animal or a ring, but something that i would bring that is really close to me,
An abandoned isle Out at sea, No one e're To hear from me.   No food - no water, No luxuries- Just me, my thoughts A tropical breeze.   I think of home 
With a quill in my Hand and a tear-stained Sheet of perfect paper before My noisettes eyes, I can overcome any Obstacle-- Any amount of suffering-- That may threaten my Grandiose fortress.
With a quill in my Hand and a tear-stained Sheet of perfect paper before My noisettes eyes, I can overcome any Obstacle-- Any amount of suffering-- That may threaten my Grandiose fortress.
When you're sinking sitting thinking Alone in that dark room after that boy you liked absolutely broke your heart After failing that exam again
Though life gets tough and the going gets rough, all I need is you. Thick and thin, high and low, all I know is all I need is you. Life isn't fair, but I know you'll be there, so all I need is you.
It’s always there, protecting us when we meet someone new, or talk to a friend, or when we do anything. But it just isn’t us. No one is on the outside who they are on the inside.
Come, my beloved, consider the stars Clouds which veil a golden moon Glittering gases in the atmosphere I fear I'll fall in love too soon   Come nestle by my side a moment
I do not love you as the rose that won't bloom I love you for that and more I do not love you for the light alone You sing a song that only I can dance to
All I need is a bus route. I need to get to a new  place where my dreams can blossom. The  place I'm in now has been good  for a while, 18 years infact, it's  just now I need a new field 
They called me crazy; Maybe I was, is, am. No,  I was simply prepared.    Those existential little questions of what would you bring, Would you bring this, or that, or the other,
All I need is all I want, And all I want is all I need. But what I need is one closest to my heart away from treachery and greed. Those who need do not want,
Im stranded on a deserted island with me myself and i Thinking of who i need with me now but i cant think of anyone but me myself and i
Im stranded on a deserted island with me myself and i Thinking of who i need with me now but i cant think of anyone but me myself and i
Im stranded on a deserted island with me myself and i Thinking of who i need with me now but i cant think of anyone but me myself and i
Im stranded on a deserted island with me myself and i Thinking of who i need with me now but i cant think of anyone but me myself and i
Springing foward and Springing high, Oh how wonderful that we can spring for the sky Twelve years of high school the entry of our starts, Well oh well what a pleasant little star.
if i oh if i were stranded but i never planned it to be without you i couldnt stand it if i couldnt hear your voice calling mine if i were stranded without you i wouldnt be fine
Alone. On an island. The salty ocean breeze hits my face.  My lips, so dry, have started to crack. "Enough." I say. "This breeze is too much for my lips to bear.  ...too bare...
o lord our lord, how excellent thy name in all the earth!        psalm viii   the linen-draped priests can spend all Sunday summoning up this stained-glass earth-shaker,
I Found You   You were hiding in the inner most corners of my soul Quiet and unnoticed you sat there saying not a word You would never scream or call out for help And the worst part is
It starts with a shiver down your spine. The snow falling around you. The breath creating a mask of fog. Your heart beating, thumping, pounding. The breath becoming so rapid you can't stop it.
I am quiet and alone I wonder what people think I hear her voice  I see her leaving  I want to be with her   I am quiet and alone  I pretend to be with her I feel sad without her
I need you every day every hour of every minute. I need you. You keep me alive you take away the high you bring the lows I need you. Sometimes you are too much
You know what I want darling? I want the ability to love and be loved.  I want the power to not cry myself to sleep.  I want the beauty she has.  I want to see you smile at me the way you smile at her. 
There is only one thing that I can't live without The power to imagine To predetermine my own destiny To dream about a unique Traveling, loving, spreading kindness  Projecting Happiness
Life, Love, Happiness. Three existential ideas All provided by The Giver, The one who breathes light Into dark.
You ask me what I cannot live without. It's not very hard for me. I could live without fortune and fame. I don't have to have eveyone know my name. I don't need TV to survive. I really don't need an iPhone 5
The One Thing I Cannot Live Without   Like a backbone, they are there for my support Even when we disagree They defend me like a fort
On this desert island, Deserted from desserts We take for granted like cars and jewels and shoes and I see a hazy vision.   The heat of the summer’s air Sizzles through my bones which melt before me
  There is always a millisecond of silence before the band comes on stage An infinitesimally small break in time where you can feel  the energy of the crowd The anticipation
I love pens. I love the feeling of uncapping a new pen. I love stumbling upon new types of pens. I love the way it feels when I write with a pen for the first time.
All I Need is the ground at my feet  A tune to sing with the birds in the trees  A rhythm to bob my head and move my hips A sound that will take my mind on trips   All I need is music   
  I'm home on stage and at this stage I've got to be bold so let's engage for theatre can't live if the story's not told I want to perform and I want to create Without art all we do is spread more hate
How did I deserve To be given the warmth of the sun And it's merciless fire All by the same person   Why did I ask  For someone who can breath wind into my soul And suck it out of my life
How dull and dim life would be       without the crisp sound of a turned page, from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Zamyatin's "WE"       books are always the cure, and the best thing?
I don't need lots of money. I don't need a handsome dude. And only physically is it necessary  To have water, oxygen, and food. What I need surpasses Earthly wants and physical things.
What I need comes in many different forms, provided by more than one soul; I need an entity to listen, to care, to make me whole.   I desire someone to hear my cries and respond politely.
Imagination, Without it you cannot dream. Life without dreams, not.
          All I Need Is confidence in deed. To carry me throughout my hardships and to put my negative mind at ease. To show me that in life you can not always do what you please;
It may seem strange, and a little out of range, but my faith remains in my forefront.   I'm not shy to admit -- I'd be lost without it: my faith in my God, who is my Light.  
Roses are dead, violets are a taboo, Pineapples are exotic, this poem started off emo Lets raise our spirits so very very high,
A world without music is a world with no voice, A life without expression or truth. Without its ethereal pitches and rhythms, Bright colors fade to dull palette hues.
Alone with you overcome with my fear I am lost but lost with my only need Time will pass as mere sand claimed by the sea And you will grow hard with your lost youth, dear.
The smell of freshly fried chips Fills the room as I walk through the door As the soda machine slowly drips.   The toddler drops his taco on the floor
We take it forgranted, yet we can't live without it. It plans our day and creates our future, giving us motivation to keep on moving, yet we don't give it a moment. Some people don't have it as well off as others,
I will always have my faithEven when my days are badI will not be sadStranded alone my faith shall not deceaseIt should only increaseI will always have my faith 
Please let me lead you.                       his voice shaken, trembling with strength. I know karate. She squeezes her eyes                             shut
theatre the place where I can be me. The lights, costumes, sound, set, and props. All in harmony the actors go and perform on stage, while the technitions perform backstage and in the booth.
Mommy,  Although I can't live with out you someday I'll have too, Until that day comes I'll  continue to love you. As the youngest it's my job to be here,  Oh mommy, thanks for the listening ear.
Desolated Alone I face the pale murky water The greenish blue reflects back at me I am scared And alone I cling to small promises in my hands Only hoping A mere flame
All I Need By: Stephen Heine   If I was a poor marooned soul, Stranded on an island away from man. Because without music I have no goal, And I'd wish for a shorter Lifespan.  
My cousin says I'm wrong,My sister says I'm living a lie. But each day I still take a secondTo smile at the sky.  
My mindfilled with uncontrollable growth of doubtwas no match for youYour toucherased the traces of fear and defeatthat consumed meYour kisshelped me to obtain victory,
By myself, All alone. A terrifying concept The idea that                 Freedom                               Power Couldn’t save me now. Being alone, That’s what hurts.
Purple eyes, a smile I hold so dear. A sweet sunrise, your eyes, shouldn't hold those tears. I can tell you my dreams, Comic book stories I want to come real. I can tell you my fatasies,
I chuckled at this question. How common could this be? I hurried to answer, but hesitated, you see.   I have many things I cherish, from my phone to my bed. Yet, my response I had planned
The nebulous sky,                                                                                                                               veiled in concealment,                                                   
One day I will know it, the next not, but it is eternal.   Days I will fall, but when it caresses my tresses that fall along scars and scabs hidden from the world, I rise.  
Strip me of my pride, all the lies been synthesize, been over looked,  i been tooked, repromised of my pride. Done in the dark comes to light and a thousand black women march in pain, hoping not to go in vein, 
A person living without hope Would never be able to cope The world would collapse While time began to elapse Without hope fear would appear And it would surely adhere In a world of fear hope is sincere
A life without sight is definitely quite a fright, But surely I would not want to live a life without thought. To be able to create and design, And throw rhymes at the drop of a dime.
I know it is typical and kind of cliche, but I always use it and bring it my way. The sensation I get when I use it, the touch and feel you won't beleive not one bit.
My mind is my world. My thoughts, dreams, and flights of fancy. I'm nothing without.
Sleep, eat, drink, pitch, repeat  We, run, stretch, throw and run some more A pitcher is considered a great athlete  We hope our team can run up the score  Double plays are our best friends
As long as I'm with you  I can bare any disaster  pain or death  it does not matter    I need you    As long as I'm with you  my heart beats faster  sight or touch 
It’s the cloudy days, The not so perfect days, The days spent in bed, with the TV blaring, These are the days, which I cannot spare.                                      Sunny days are ambitious days,
That relationship no one wants to desert. You make every excuse to stay….remaining blind to the reason why you should leave.
 they say God shaped us out of clay, His breath rippling through abandoned parking lots, empty churches, only to strike a chord, ring a bell, sing a song
Need is a careless word. We need 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, 0.003% other gasses, and varying amounts of water vapor. We need a birth giver. We need
You are the sun And I am the moon And I think it is beautiful That you set each and everyday To watch me dance among the stars And glimmer in the night sky Using your light
All I’ll ever need is hope, With it I have no reason to mope, It moves my life forward in an upward slope, With it no matter what happens I can easily cope, Because all I’ll ever need is hope.
All I need is self assurance Self-confidence at its purest To be the one who doesn't cry in the mirror To see my beauty just a little bit clearer To be my own role model in a world that's gone gray
The Hand That Lifts My knees buckle. My fingers tremble in all their joints and fibers. I back into the corner. Sweat drips from every precipice my body carries. The heat is unbearable.
Amor J'aime Quiero I need one thing and one thing only that is to walk slowly through the forest and over the river no through the river and yet not shiver  
By all accounts by all admission I live a damn good life I owe that to my parents who with years of their lives made sure I could have what I need   I can spend hours surfing the net
All I need is you.In the darkest hour of my darkest day, You are all I need. All I need is you. During the times when storms Surround my life and the Water keeps on rising. You are all I need.
Help!!!, Help!!! Somebody help me. I’m stuck on this frickin’ island and I didn’t have time to take anything with me. Can anybody hear me? Might as well talk to the guy in my head
All I need, All I want is you-my love; My soul is electrified when I see your beauty, My soul gravitates to yours no force shall seperate me. Neither heaven nor hell will distinguish this flame,
  Pain Living without pain would be living without change. Without change our world would be lost. Pain is the impetus behind growth; metamorphosis.
The one thing I can not live without is the pursuit of knowledge  its what drives us to seek and develop new ideas what pushes us away from the label of senseless apes that society imposes on us
All I need is hope. Ten years of despair and Isolation.  Ten years of wondering what it means To be normal. A life where I questioned if it's all Worth it. But one day, it all vanished.
To live without one thing or another, Or to even live without one's brother Is a terrible thouht to bring. It's like being unable to sing, Or perhaps it's even worse than that.
The hot sandy beach feels so deserted   Givin’ off so much heat I’m feeling beat   With the waves at my feet keeping me sane   What must I have to sustain?  
The hot sandy beach feels so deserted   Givin’ off so much heat I’m feeling beat   With the waves at my feet keeping me sane   What must I have to sustain?  
My mother taught me everything. 
Pause that moment for me. Stop the clock and rewind, To when the three brothers wrestled Without a fuss. Pause for awhile.   Pause that moment for me. Go back a second to when the oldest brother
Pause that moment for me. Stop the clock and rewind, To when the three brothers wrestled Without a fuss. Pause for awhile.   Pause that moment for me. Go back a second to when the oldest brother
Day after day, I wracked my brain, Searching for some talent, Something I was destined to do, Like a dog trying to find a bone but there were none.  
Why do you have to go so soon? I've got so much to tell you. Next time that snowy afternoon I will be there to save you.   My friend, my father,
  All I need Is a friendly smile late night takeout lying on your shoulder. All I need is your voice on the phone
There’s one thing I still need Freedom. To be who I know I can be.  And on this deserted island, with no company but my own Can I be free?   My answer comes
One thing I cannot live without Some say it's rather lame But still it's true, please here me out That thing would be my name  
I'm not a great poet, not a great writer But you are great with words, great at being a friend (Not necessarily a great artist, though) When asked about my favorite person, my favorite thing, I have you, and I have This.
Jack Jorge Fernandes, “Gratitude for Broken English”
Oxygen It’s all we need to breathe. But being able to say the word “oxygen” is perhaps, The truest form of novelty. Oxygen is a light molecule with a light composition,
strained alone on one of God's many beautiful islands away from the restof the world. I know not how, I know not when, but most of all I know not whybut I am here. Was it destined,
You were never normal; your funny faces and your clown jokes Your red nose always hidden in your pocket in case I needed a laugh
Education, thats my motivation! I got a lot of patience that parallels with my dedication they got a lot of hatred that parallels to their "professional" impersonation..
Undeniably, the body cannot live without the mind It is like planning to seek a treasure one must find The strength to act in order to survive but without spirit, all actions, contrive  
The world may never know you, your stuggles may never leave you, money may never keep you, but all i will ever need is you. You may be taken for granted. No one will ever understand it.
I Love this game But it does not love me The sound of the oak wood bats Launching spheres Into orbit That perfect sound   I love this game But it does not love me
I thought I needed myself.I was under the impression that the only person, place, or thing I would ever need would be me. Not a single other thing.  But then I found myself on a deserted island, not a person for miles, alone and relying on myself
Possessions wax and wane. People often fade away. On this deserted island I see it plain: These things don’t matter anyway.   If you ask me what I truly wish,
Dear Sister, Here we are on this island together, All alone and stranded, Thank God I have you by my side Or else I'd be lost. At least I have you to talk to At least I'll have someone to lay beside
And I ask What are you?   She replied I am many things I am eternal and nonexistent I am personal yet also objective I am sometimes lost when Death is present However
When I was three years old, And admittedly, not yet very bold, I was given a pink Powerpuff Girls pillow by my parents to hold, It would give me magic powers too I was told,
I’m sorry but I’m too stubborn to say it, I know I was wrong but I’m too stubborn to say it.
Perpetual darkness was all I seeked It was all I knew Ugly hurt shaped my heart And sadness filled my core My insides so full of pain
Deserted in the desert sand What I need is not in my hand. Left alone sitting on stone Can't call home, don't have my phone.   There is one thing I need One thing I crave
Her smile lights up the room,With a tongue as sharp as broken glass, But she has a heart that's in full bloom. She gives me love that is unconditional, And ears that are always open, Replying with advice that is almost lyrical. She was there if I
The most precious items To survive Are actually not items at all. No cell phone, skinny jeans, Lip gloss or car. Materialistic objects come and go.   The Word is all I need To survive
The one thing I can not live without is the woman who spouts about the closest to my heart my mother that is tart but on this island still, I need to find a way out
An antidote to the darkness riddling my brain Soothing like Zen, streaming my veins Necromancer of the divine Silencing the churning in my mind From the singing of the birds To the sways of pine
Enclosed within a lump of clay Molded by Nature's hand And placed within a cage With veins that pump with life Is a voice that cannot speak That cannot laugh or cry or seek A voice that cannot scream
Imagine losing a perception An entire     senseSightHearing TouchGoodbye everyday independence 
Alone in a faraway place. Peace comes from what I need. Gateways to other places, a form of escape for me. I, the prisoner, will forever find peace from books. This is all I need in a faraway place.
I've thought about this question plenty, too plenty to recountI could shame the number of ripples in the water surrounding theisland in which im stranded, with how many times I've rejected You.
There is no moment in time without expression. It begins with a PRACTICAL need                                                 (we NEED a tombstone.
My memory of her.  She wakes me up in the morning with the goal echoing in my mind and marinating in my soul. Every look in the mirror is a pep talk for my plan of action.  I can't live without that memory. 
Day one: A secret, A tear, But only truth.   Day two: Passion pours out, Breath is shallow, And I survived.   Day three: Sorrow streams down my face,
Life’s short. Days are long. Get up, do work, go to bed. Everyday? No way. Enjoy myself,
This is how it goes. I begin by stepping into my room.   It’s everything to me that it smells like my perfume. It has 7 walls with a light that might go boom,
I have a jar I keep it on a shelf that's too high to reach unless I need it   I keep things in my jar that others can't see I keep hope and joy and optimism for the future
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