I have a jar



I have a jar

I keep it on a shelf

that's too high to reach

unless I need it


I keep things in my jar that others can't see

I keep hope

and joy

and optimism for the future

I keep moments in my jar

I keep that time that she sang for me at the piano while i played

I keep that time we walked for miles and miles just because we felt like it

I keep the moment when I realized that things would turn out okay

I keep them all in my jar


my jar, it glows

because of all the happiness I keep inside it

all the positivity and warmth

I keep it in there


because sometimes

when I feel empty

and dark

I need it

I need to open my jar and let the light I keep inside fill up my darkness

and emptiness


my jar is a jar of hearts

not the kind that pumps blood and oxygen to every cell in your body

but the kind you pick up in a video game

to get more life


This poem is about: 


B Murphy

I really love that last stanza.

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