The Cherished

Thu, 04/14/2016 - 20:54 -- Liz_05

Slowly it flows through my veins

Slowly it propels my desire

As the passion that laid dormant

Once again ignites


You won't go anywhere, they said

They thought they could break my wings

Throw them to the waste

Abandon me on the island, to slowly die


But little did they know

That their comments evolved my wings  

That although negative they became positive

Slowly fertilizing my newly sprouting wings


A cup of steel-like nerves

A handful of motivation

And a string of criticism

To serve as my backbone


You won’t go anywhere they said

Without motivation they should have added


Perhaps my other wings were too weak

Perhaps they would have failed me

Perhaps I would still be trapped

If it hadn't of been for Motivation


It would gently murmur into my ear

Prove yourself

Refute the negatives

And uphold the positives


As the good friend Motivation is

It has always advised me well

It has never failed me

It is the one thing

I wouldn’t be able to live without

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