A Little Bit of Luck

When I was three years old,

And admittedly, not yet very bold,

I was given a pink Powerpuff Girls pillow by my parents to hold,

It would give me magic powers too I was told,

And from that moment on I was completely sold.


For those that do not know,

The pillow came from my favorite tv show.

About my cute fluffy friend I bragged and I boasted,

And even at the dinner table, my family and I toasted.

Water of course, for I did not want to cause a stain,

Being away from my pillow while it was being cleaned by Mom was a pain.


I was an only child you see,

And making new friends was not always so easy.

My pillow was always there when I needed a friend,

Listening to my childish and incessant rants on end.

The small cushion went with me to and fro,

Oh, the adventures on which we would go.


Like a true best friend, it was there when my family and I left,

Off to a new country with nothing except,

Our hopes and dreams,

My Mom, my Dad, my pillow, and I, a team.

On the plane my parents were filled with hype,

As off we went to the land of Stars and Stripes.

A little nervous as you would be too,

Six-year-old Hannah was feeling quite blue.

But as she hugged her pillow it made her feel okay,

And it gave her confidence that she would find new friends with which she could play.


Fast forward to another moment in need,

When 10-year-old Hannah encountered some bad seeds.

At her school she came face to face with some bullies on the bus,

And at her chubby little cheeks everyday they would make a fuss.

Soon the little girl began thinking she was fat,

And it got so bad that,

She came home crying and went straight to her room,

Convinced she would never come out and would simply wallow in her gloom.

It was then she saw her old pal the pillow and gave it a hug,

And it was as if the magic flowed through and bit her like a bug.

For the next day Hannah felt strong and wise,

And told her teacher, which led to the bullies’ demise.



I am sixteen years old now but my pillow still rests on my bed,

And whenever I am nervous or panicky or get too into my head,

I give my lucky charm a little squeeze,

Say a quick pretty please,

And the Powerpuff Girls on the pillow come to my aid,

My three superheroes that will never fade.

For whenever I feel like I am stuck in a muck,

I remember, all I need is a little bit of luck.


This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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