My Myogenic Heart

Through the shrouded environment, I feel my feet sinking into the fragmented pieces below me

that was once a solid yet now has been disintegrated due to violence, ignorance and misconception.

The ground, consuming and devouring the soles on my feet before contacting my real one.

However it stops, the movement suddenly stops and could no longer sink like if there was a

mass so enormous that upholds me…

Upholds me from being so low where my bare skin can spark up in flames from the earth’s core.

Upholds me from losing the sight of a sky where it is depicted similar to alaska’s northern lights.

Upholds me from where I can feel rotten corpse squirming around trying to touch my soles, I felt death.

What was upholding me… from death was your heart.

I was kept safe…. Better yet let me phrase that you see I was kept in a safe, your heart that

imprisoned me inside I could see why it has 4 chambers.

What’s crazy is that even though I was facing 5 months in there, I wanted a life sentence

because the chambers of your heart kept me alive and well.

It gives me warmth when wildly winds whisk and wanders with whispers wieldy wrapping around my skin.

A heart that can beat a long sense of forever, that can never say goodbye to me, I need your myogenic heart.

The organ transplant I never needed, just wanted. Can you give me life through your pulmonary Artery as it swiftly gushes out deoxygenated scarlet liquid.

My God I fell in love with your persona, reminisces as an aorta from how it pumps me the blood I need for my body, I need the rush.

This isn’t lust, I coat with bliss and I am forever devoted to a part of you.


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