The Word of the Mouth

Some say it’s the simple things in life

That you must enjoy.

I say, why not enjoy all of it

For as long as your breath

Continues to flow.

Because it’s the smiles

The laughs

The positive things you see in others

When you pass

On by throughout your day

that makes you relay

the same kind of cheerful outlook on life

to the people around you.


So what I cherish the most

And simply cannot live without

Is the genuine happiness you can bring to others

By the word of the mouth.

A compliment,

A greeting,

A phrase of gratitude,

and everything else

A person can do

Not only to family and friends

But also strangers, who later feel good about themselves.


So in a way, you can say

the idea of putting a smile on a person's face,

the idea of spreading joy among others,

and the idea of being a sincere friend

are ideas that shape who I am

and whom I cannot be without.

Because making an impact on someone's life

Is what I desire and just think about. 


Why must I do these things?

Should I just worry about myself?

Is it really necessary to uplift others

When I can focus on me and nobody else?

I can say all I need are these material things,

These material things are all I need.

I can’t live without them,

Without them I can no longer breath.

But really they’re an illusion to what I need most

Which is having people in my life,

People to whom I can’t say adios.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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