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We can all be everything  everyone has ever been   We can all be everything  no one has ever been   Yet 
There is a language, non- verbal unwritten, unspoken nonetheless it communicates while lacking even the very simplest of words. ( and for those knowledgeable in it's interpretation
Why Do We Struggle And Create TROUBLE ... !!! Because Most People Are Happy ... " In Their Bubble " ... !?!
Now here's a story most fellas know ! You're chatting in a bar and see a SHINY STAR ! NOT one up in the sky but one with female thighs ! She catches yes your eye when you utilise the mic
Make a call! We have won The first telephone Made by our countryman Alexander Graham Bell
Today,  we are more connected  than we ever were before   But just because  reaching each other  is easier, doesn't mean    we understand each other better,
I am walking through a sea. Not of wind nor of waves, but of souls, True individuals with names.   Aren’t we all that will pass, From this big empty rock mass? In the end,
There's nothing so much that scares me more, Than the soft and prickly things that start small, In the cracks of humanity, growing like sponges,
My words, Made to be heard, Cannot be overlooked. Poetry puts them in a style. My words!
That communication is Sometimes not the key? Only if I want to hear it, Then I will respond back to you. Or better, if I don't like it I'll rant about it to everyone I know. Why does it have to be?
Maybe it's the way we laugh, Maybe it's the way we talk, but in a way we always find The way for life's communicate.   A risk is always more when life wishes speak in publicate - 
I was raised to keep my issues bottled I live with a family where communication is a problem Introverted pacifist, avoiding all confrontation When I try to speak, I stutter, failing all articulation
When I recite words trite like “it itches, burns, he cheated, I’m sad,” the lonely frustration isn’t on accurate display. I’m perceived as a self-pitying undergrad,
I believe we may have missed it the year of reconciliation The prospect of harmony, of order Just a smidgen from symmetry the precarious plane tipped
Miscommunication, miscommunication leads to bad reactions. Bad reactions, bad reactions lead to bad attitude. Bad attitude, bad attitude leads to anger. Anger,  anger leads to silence.
When words are too much and thoughts - too little   My message to you may never be received - for, I -a novice in communications - have no way to encode.   No medium fits me
God why can’t I talk fluently to others? My words become indistinct, just fragments In my head their fervour cause a shutter An impact captivating like a comet
A bundle of pieces; gears take over your heart. No flesh, no bones, just a pile of useless parts. Every morning, first thing, don't forget to press start. Otherwise, you are isolated- God forbid you're set apart.  
i get scared on the longer days,   dear and you, inquisitive, know the blush…       ...the blushing reason why   i get scared
This will happen if... That will happen if... This could happen if... And so on. I'm never set  On one thing entirely. I feel this way, Or I feel another.
It's the way we hold hands In the face of adversity. When you tell me your Not satisfied. When you remember my mothers birthday.
there is a girl with gaps between her teeth, and with hair loose and uncontrolled that wraps around your fingers like vines around a hardened trunk.   there is a girl
Every time we communicateThere is no positivityThere's things that you put downThat I think are greatConversations are dullThey drain meWhile the fill you upTear me downWhile they bring you upShatter my heartWhile they toughen yours upI can't take
Sitting can do no justice to your beautiful voice (even though it is not really so) I think people skew things to how they want to hear them so when we talk I love the exchange of words to each other
Because I love you  I won't hurt you, And because you love me  You'll do the same. Love is a two way street  It is something that is earned  not bought. Something that is gained, 
You don’t judge me for my flaws, you take them into appreciation and pause  It may be the way you look at me or the way you make me feel  But inside I’m certain that you help me heal.  It is because of this, 
I feel like your choking me when i am around you, but i breath, because i love you.   I tried to fight my feelings,  but victory was impossible, because i love you.  
our souls are fickle things they float about the world lightless and heavy with one mission in their heart
Listen. You are the one I'm focused on. You are the one whom I'm giving all of me to.  Because I love you, what you say is riveting, so just keep talking on and I'll keep on listening.   Listen.
Him and Her.   You shouldn't fix what's not broken, unless your in denial, but I don't want to admit,
One-way roads Make it harder to go back from where you came You take side streets, round-a-bouts An illegal turn here or there.   And sure you get back to where you came from
#BecauseILoveYou I control who you see and what you wear, because I love you I spend more time on my phone than spending time with you, because I love you I flirt with other people behind your back, because I love you
You know We’ve been faced with assignments in middle school Dealing with subjects like Reading, Math, history And writing too
Invade the room and awash with debate To prove your distress is superior. Accelerate pique and don’t hesitate As your demands are meant to weary her.   More issues arise: suppression and spite
A smile, a frown, some tears, some laughs Conveys a message. Handshakes, hugs, shrugs Have unique meaning.   Communication is important to life. Without it, love ceases, relationships dissolve.
Hello, hola, Bonjour, ciao, All are words of salutation.   Goodbye, adios, Au revoir, ciao, All are words of valediction.   Ciao and ciao, goodbye and hello?
a discussion with a friend about Extroversion and Introversion  led to this: you're spending the Rest of your life on an island. if you had the choice between living in Solitude
A bird with no song is one that cannot truly fly He may soar far above the others on strong, sturdy wings but his throat is raw with unspoken dreams that weigh him down.
Just give me good conversation, And I will return three-fold. I do not mean nonstop, interesting topics. Simply, back and forth, looking-in-the-eye, Honest, straight-talk, good conversation.
Humans are creatures of communication and of isolation. Like a mixture or light and darkness, a perfect shade of grey. Other people give us purpose and thoughts, without one or the other, we perish.
How could I walk and not hit into that wall I do not know, for those bruises I bore left me unhinged and broken For times I thought not for myself I became a blank slate. I wouldn't talk to you or anyone else.
Dreams laugh and smile until I'm blue From lack of sleep and touch They sing and ask me to stay true- As if I wasn't such! But true to dreams and true to me Are two different paths indeed 
I'm blind to lines Except the red ones, by design, Like loose leaf, looking higher Seeing white, being inspired to try By a margin of heaven Above a sea of blue lies  
If I tell you that I don't like your selfie, will you go off and hate me? If I don't have an Instagram, Does that make me a loser, man?
A young woman named Alicia Lives, learns, listens, and loves Intends to impact others for the better, but how Could she make a difference?
There are days when I look up at the moon and think of you.
We are creatures of information, And so, we are creatures of communication. I realize this. So I write my message, read over it, and fix a few typos. I roll it up and put it in a little bottle,
Some words will never be heard, but it doesn’t mean that they will go unsaid.   It is in the speaking of the word, not the hearing, that the word comes alive.  
My grandmother showered her fingerprints in the blueprints of my 18-year old life. On my first week of preschool, My cries of hysteria were of no match for her loyal ears,
Limitations and glimpses,
It’s so easy to hide our abuses Blame it all on life, we did not choose this. So we make up excuses and choose not to see other's bruises Life turns us all red, yellow, brown, white, and blue 
If I see what nobody else sees, I’ll be labeled with the crazies. Even if reality is what one perceives, If there’s nobody to share it with, It might as well be a myth. Reality becomes a hallucination
I have so many thoughts in my head. I can’t speak them, I must keep them instead. I think thoughts that thunder in my brain; I stir them around as I wonder if I am sane.
There is unanimity in the presence of Thought, Desire, And life.   There is universality in Love,   Pain, And shame.   A consistence of connection,
Many people do not realize t
No one truly asks,
They only fester in the silence. Time is ticking. We should stop being quiet Because all they can do is fester in the silence.   The longer they fester, the worse the pain. Time is ticking.
I want to know more than what your bio says. I want you to tell me about every person you've ever been in love with. Tell me why you loved them then tell me why they loved you.
Introducing a new design of mankind the battery business will bloom
funny how tonight shell be across the city and tonight hell be lying alone but tonight the oblivious two will be talking to eachother through the moon outside their windows
Grunts were communications in the beginning. Animals haven't changed their way of communicating through chirps, barks, meows and squeals. Their communications contain a musical quality.
I wake up Breathe in and out, and hear Silence. I get the mail Hear no birds or cars, Only silence. My granddaughters come to visit
Silence   This isn’t how we should be. But we’ve decided that's how it will be.
when we speak, do we listen? should we let a word slip to nothing, the meaning may not remain if you take out a single piece the puzzle becomes incomplete we say we understand, but I must admit that what makes me feel
Silence ringing in my ear, Buzzing like some sort of infernal pest, If it goes on for one more second I won’t be able to bear, The thought of you laying our conversation to rest.
Flaws: they fill up our insides - they consume us all, but we decide
The cants and wonts, wont stop me,  I bring overdue glee, to my forefathers on the fruit fields, when I ace a test or get called the best, their sweat never in vain,
I set it upYou listen
  i'll never tire
Sometimes I wonder if my stuttering heartCan be felt, by you, through the thin words.Ff a small screen can relay the racing mindAnd the longing (I feel) for a new start.
In high school I was smart, confident, but quiet Never was one to propose a riot But now I'm in college and I've seen it through What time-worn technology does to you  
I be You be We be but we don't hear each other because you see the words that I say that don't communicate how I feel because they are words on a 1 1/2 glowing screen.
School is mean't to teach What is being taught? Math problems, history What about the future? Technology, communication, work ethic Teach things that will push us far in life.  
It seems to me like we don’t have time for each other. Technology’s supposed to keep us more connected, But somehow we’re becoming more distant. Sending texts of meaningless conversation,
One major flaw I see Is a lack of communication and interaction within society. We speak every day But we don't quite "revere” what words we hear. We talk, and we say
The idea lies inside the self, For we believe the universe is inside of us. We want to explore all we experience, Because we without ends want to understand why everything outside us exists.  
I was once something that carried a message with ideas, emotions, and a purpose, made from thoughts. For only a short time do I exist to serve my purpose, 
Love must be expressed Pain demands release Sorrow needs an outlet To comunicate these emotions you require a commonality Language, song, voice, written words are the similarity What I communicate?
Meaning conveyed through sound,a vehicle for our thoughts’ transmission.Through words the beauty is found,within the human condition. 
I write for me. I write to keep my soul alive. I write for my mind to strive. I write to share my dreams. I write because it means something to me. I write to preserve my sanity. I write to share my story. I am me and I am a writer.
  I You He She It We They Are all calling out, Hear us singing? Are traveling about, Hear us ringing? Vibrating through many miles of wires,
  I open my mouth to speak But the words stick to my throat. My mind wills me to say something But my voice is lost in the roar of the crowd. It is then that I pick up a pen,
A bare rubber sole taps hastily agaiunst the linoleum tile, pencil erasers bounce continuously all the while. In accordance with a strict militant cadence, the test takers continually lose patience.
My brain struggles to translate. There are multitudes of boxes and spilled paperwork, Squares and circles and words running down the walls All by themselves. I love them
no, no more close the door cause now i'm on all fours ready for the physical tour this tense desire all day i bore and i gotta explain to you what's in store but first learn me on your lore
We were not meant to be a people whole. Our bodies divide humanity’s soul. We were born broken, so that the life may pass through us, so that windy gusts may not topple us.
Unbroken silence Quiet is all around me My eyes search for sound Seeing is hearing Even what is not spoken Eyes hear everything Life with no hearing Silence is normal for me My life is not loud
Death, murder, heartache, incarceration The very things teens attempt to avoid Texting and driving The very thing that can lead to it all
(poems go here) I want my words.. By Ms. Marketta Taylor
Communication is free. You would think communication cost the way communication is key. But you don't like communicating with me. You rather fornicate instead and give communication the D.
The black mother could only shed one solitary tear. To see her only son locked up for having no fear. For being proud of his color, character, and his dream; After all she planted the seed.
Times drone of darkness and saviors and geographical explorations and stars who had to change their lives because of the country's expectations Psychology and teen fashion help
In a world full of technology and communication we all end up in a seemingly endless situation in a world full of thinkers and hopeless drinkers the endless lovers and overbearing mothers
What are words anyway? If you won’t listen, can’t listen, can’t hear above the consumerist cacophony ringing out your ears bringing out only the very worst in you, a phony.
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