Why Does It Have To Be?

That communication is

Sometimes not the key?

Only if I want to hear it,

Then I will respond back to you.

Or better, if I don't like it

I'll rant about it to everyone I know.

Why does it have to be?


It is surprising how an opinion or comment

Could affect one person,

Not everyone, but just someone.

But nowadays in the new millennium

Simple words are spoken

And are sometimes ignored

Why does it have to be?


Outrageous actions can get

Immediate attention,

However, a soft-spoken voice

Is most-likely pushed aside

Speak up so you can be heard!

Maybe it will get attention too. 

Does it have to be?


Let it be between you and me

Not the friend, not the family member

But just you and me.

Not a monologue but a dialogue.

Let's try to fix this or

Would you rather turn away again?

Why does it have to be?


I mean, it's your choice

If you want to express yourself

Go right ahead. What's the issue?

However, if you want to leave

I will respect your decision

And I won't stop you.

So what will it be?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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