Indecisive Mind

This will happen if...

That will happen if...

This could happen if...

And so on.

I'm never set 

On one thing entirely.

I feel this way,

Or I feel another.

Never a middle ground to stand on.


If someone tells me

They're filled with feelings

For who I am.

I could tell them "no."

But it doesn't work that way.

If I say no

I could cause their breathing to shallow.

Or if I say yes...'s nothing to guess.

They'd be happy.

But would I?

Others could want to pry

For entertainment.

That'd destroy me.


If I do the opposite.

It's worse.

What if they wouldn't want me around anymore?

I'd hate myself for scaring off the one I cherish.

Or they would say

"There's someone else."

Waste of commitment.


That's why confessions, thoughts

Never make it out of my mouth.

They've ruined bonds,

Big and small.

Or they ruin opportunities.

Opportunities of happiness.

But my words are sharp knives

That only a few know how to handle.


It's not always a fun time

To deal with my mind.

Even I don't know 

What else it's going to show.

It's nothing to mess around with.


I can never decide 

What is best.

And I'll never know what

I'll deal next.

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