Plenty for my Thoughts

I have so many thoughts in my head.

I can’t speak them,

I must keep them instead.

I think thoughts that thunder in my brain;

I stir them around as

I wonder if

I am sane.

I want to watch words share ideas,

I need people to care for ideas.

I wish my brain could express, exalt, exclaim.

I can’t make my inner working proclaim.

I make ideas fail, forget, and fear;

I cannot let you hear.

I have emotion without verbiage;

I think commotion without voices

I write neither poetry nor prose,

I speak not with power or performance.

I try but the words

I chose are not enough.

I know stuff that will stay on the inside.

I bear no limb strong or tough,

I wear no mouth with voice loud or gruff,

I cannot use these to bring all thoughts outside.

I own unique perceptions that try to be;

I posses novel conceptions that will die with me.


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