Standing alone

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 02:55 -- stixy6


It’s so easy to hide our abuses

Blame it all on life, we did not choose this.

So we make up excuses and choose not to see other's bruises

Life turns us all red, yellow, brown, white, and blue 

But out of fear we shun them and the black ones too

If we feel the pains that others do

Then why, oh why, are we trying to make us two?

Is it better standing alone?


On today’s breaking news it's a shot-up school  

Could we see this coming? 

Was his insecurity just too cunning?


The picture on the screen looks just like you

Had someone not stepped in to pull you through?

You believed you were standing alone


What if we all stopped to look past the gate?

Could it be that we won't be too late

Instead of cyber-necting try connecting

Ignoring your neighbor is not good behavior

Do yourself a favor, put down the phone,

There are others moving past you like water 'round a stone

Stop one and scream "I'm standing alone!"


There is life out there and not one clone 

Look up and speak to those standing alone.

She’s developing a life, he just started out on his own

But neither can make it so far from home

Our foundation is our history and it hurts looking into the past

But weigh silence carefully as you look down their chosen paths

 What you know today could help them last

They’re everywhere out there just standing alone


They look mean and she's too green 

What smells so bad?  Why is he so sad?

 It’s best to focus on today's fad, if I ask it could be bad

Don’t judge me please I’m scared of you can't you see

Without these walls I could get hurt and so could you 

Look around I am standing alone too









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