Technology Takes Over

We’ve seen the movies.

The ones that foretell the day technology takes over

when machines grow minds and robots breath air

when humanity is trodden under by the electric foot

I fear that day


and that day

has begun


The dawn eluded our acknowledgement

Slowly crept in through the crevices of our consciousness

Snuck in too quietly

For our ears to hear past the blaring noise

coming from our headphones


I sit at lunch

No words

Phones block faces

and screens take the places of





Technology claims to connect us to each other

but in reality I only feel disconnected

Sitting at lunch together

but alone


I feel lonely when friends don’t use my name,

but when they only type my username

I feel



Of the 300 followers I have online,

how many are actually friends of mine

in real life?


We’re spending lives spending time posting lives

when instead we should be living them.

We’re facebooking instead of facing and looking

at the places or the faces we should be looking at


Facing faces

is a thing of the past

And how long will this dawn last

before this technological production causes such human reduction

that our bodies turn into pictures,

our personalities into profiles

Fonts replace inflections, emojis replace expressions

and then virtuality will become our reality.


iPhone, iPod, but no eye-contact

This is a problem, and that is a fact


“I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity”

Quote Albert Einstein


The day

has begun.


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