What do you think?

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 03:24 -- Devayn


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No one truly asks,

what do you think, 

free of self desire

and understanding in their eyes.


The masks lie 

inside their eyes

and the intention lies

inside their closed mines.

Because the question asked,

what do you think,

portrays a lie

and the wonder is left inside your eyes.


So, you continue on

with your heart strings drawn long

and the silence in the air

because although you don't speak

the words will be heard.


Silence is not for the weak,

it is for the brave

and cruel intentions will weep

because the brain continues to keep.


But reality sets in

and the words form themselves

and the lie was created

to hid the truth 

because thoughts are not for the weak,

but the brain knows what's best

and self desire trumpets it all.


So, the brain agrees 

and feels free.


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