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Communication is free.
You would think communication cost the way communication is key.
But you don't like communicating with me.
You rather fornicate instead and give communication the D.
Leave the talking at the door.
you rather get naked.
learning about some sex education instead of communicating.
sex intoxication.
are we done now?
i gave you what you wanted, can we talk now?
communication is our key to staying above ground.
why am i the only one talking and you don't make a sound.
i promise i wont judge you.
You know the way I love you.
I just want to know more of you.
I want to get inside your mind.
but you rather me pull you from behind.
can we be serious for once?
Don't you want to know more about me?
I guess not.
Now i know all you want is sex communication.
because verbal communicating is just not good enough.
compare to sex fornicating.


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