Because of this...

You don’t judge me for my flaws, you take them into appreciation and pause 

It may be the way you look at me or the way you make me feel 

But inside I’m certain that you help me heal. 

It is because of this, 

I love you. 

You help me grow and feel loved. 

You show affection and pay attention. 

You are always honest, which from the beginning was a promise. 

When spiraling into the dark abyss, you turn me 360 with exuberant bliss. 

It is because of this, 

I love you.

I’ve always counted on you, never to be let down 

No, never. Not you. 

Whenever I’m stressed or panicked, you remind me to never feel frantic. 

You are my rock, my heart, my soul and my one dream in life is to never let you go. 

Whenever I think of you I think these reasons through.

It is because of this,

I love you. 

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