Learning to talk about the problem #BecauseILoveYou

Thu, 10/05/2017 - 19:38 -- Glass

Him and Her.


You shouldn't fix what's not broken,

unless your in denial,

but I don't want to admit,

don't want to put us on trial,

don't want to reevaluate,

as I perambulate,

round this room plastered in pictures,

of what we still are on file.


I can feel it calling from the deep

of the darkest part of me,

dark because I made put out the lights,

to smother the inevitable fights,

I'm too scared to make a spark,

to light that confrontational torch in the dark,

do I suffer in silence,

or risk igniting a powder keg in his heart?


When did her gaze become blades,

something that hurts to meet?


Why can't I reach for my desire,

what we were: so much higher?


I don't want to say what I feel,

but I can't hold it back.


If I opened my soul to him,

do I open it for attack?


She won't like what I say,

but I need to start it,

our love is bleeding,

no matter how much I gaurd it.


The hardest thing I'll ever do,

is kindly, and gently, being honest to you.


"There's some things I'd like to talk about."

Oh please, please don't shout

"I don't want to argue."

"No, but we need to let our feelings out"


If we let the words flow in this moment,

and settle this storm,

then no matter the content, 

please, let them be lukewarm.


"If your really sincere,"

"Of course I am dear."


"Will this turn into another fight?

I won't be taken a fool.

Why should I trust you this time"

"Because I love you"


Can we really both do it kindly? I don't want combat


"Actually, I think I'd like that."

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My family
Our world
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please continue to express your life your heart and your soul! Keep sharing!

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