Introducing a new design of mankind

the battery business will bloom

with new springs in their backs

tangled wires as veins

consumed and socially doomed


Glitches in modernity

vocal anomalies

breaking free from all sensibility

‘tis the digital age

up your dependency

for virtual connectivity

for an omnipresent auto-correct

and Siri, your automated library


Go set books ablaze

your brain is a terrible megabyte to waste

trade in your muscles, organs and limbs

our thumb fingers are sweltering with intent


And our heads are buried

to our laps

to the crosswalks

salute to the sensors to which we submit

and set your subconscious to standby


Greedy for the latest

we are seldom to moderation

having no grief over our social displacement

we’d rather lose

our tongues to genuine imitations








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