A bird with no song is one that cannot truly fly

He may soar far above the others on strong, sturdy wings

but his throat is raw with unspoken dreams that weigh him down.

Desperate, ragged breaths drag the mute song bird down into the pitch black depths that is silence.

without his Voice, he is nothing. 

he remains unseen by his musical peers for he is lacking in what matters most.

he is unable to communicate his sadness. 

His brother soars above him. 

Wondrous chirping sends shivers to the tips of his feathers. 

He travels the world and shares his song with all. 

every bird, frenzied with fervor, leans in to the audial delight. 

they enviously track his flight with their eyes. 

none pay attention to his hopeless brother. 

Neither does the songbird. 

until he loses his voice and joins the symphony of silence.

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