Then, now and what lies ahead...


Then, now and what lies ahead.
In those days, it were the drums and the flutes that told the nature of the dance.
It was the melancholic harmonic sound of the Ikoros , the Ekwe or the Gong from the towns crier that broke the news of the king's death. 
Just like the talking drums of the Yorubas and the long horns of the Hausas and the Fulanis. 
They even believed they spoke to the spirits via these media.
Oh well! Until the white men brought the Gospel!
Then came the radios, the newspapers and the black and white TVs. least few were privileged to have them in their living rooms or in their huts.
Today we are faced with a world where with a couple of touches or clicks, you can speak, send pictures or any form of communication from the convenience of your bedroom! 
To friends or families who may reside whether a quarter mile, half way across the world or anywhere in the world! 
Through this beautiful technology of  mobile phones, tablets, Computers,TVs! 
Etc Etc Etc... How amazing?
But, what lies ahead of us?
This is a question that can only be answered by this little generation, the Unborn generation and Our generation but most importantly, it is a question that will be  answered by those who are willing to look beyond today and start thinking about tomorrow.
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