Give Them Technology


In high school I was smart, confident, but quiet

Never was one to propose a riot

But now I'm in college and I've seen it through

What time-worn technology does to you


I moved onto programming, computers, and software

But I've fallen behind more than I can bare

With no prior knowledge, no foothole, no base

It's all I can do to succeed in this place


My college is cruel, no complaints or excuses

But this is what deprecated technology induces:

I work for hours, hours, hours on end

Yet with little results, please make amends!


Give them technology, and keep your school current

How else will they know how to program or torrent?

I'm a former scholar, class of twenty eleven

My school still teaches Word two-thousand and seven


Give them technology, you're falling behind!

The greatest opportunity to stimulate the mind

The world is at their fingertips, just show them how

Upgrade your software, and do it now!


Give them technology, so they can advance

Build something new and give others a chance

It starts with an idea, a spark, and a dream

To change people's lives and raise their esteem


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