2014 Speak Your Mind Slam

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I had a dream I walked the earth                   
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
You say your fighting for freedom, your fighting for America,
Today  I bought a pretty dress. Why did I  buy it? Black cloth,
So you want to know what makes me tick? Then listen up because sometimes you can be thick,
I stared into the fire and found that I had become my shadow, slithering through castles young and old, who thunder about the earth in titan glory, while morphing my bones—to click and burn—aligning with yours.
Written from the observations of a young black woman who is tired of the same.  
Elephant and Donkey each gearing up The day starts new the sun shines the elephant smiles  The Donkey watches the people smile  The Donkey rejoices with tears of zealous vigor A new day begins, the sun fades 
She wants to die And no one knows whyShe wants to cryBut her eyes remain dry
Why does the government pay to support the lazy? Does one need to drop out of school? Why not consider the Navy? Food stamps, housing, it's all a crack. Don't work, have kids and we've got your back!
Occasionaly I think of vobrant sunsewts And Labrador puppies Bouding over green backyards.   Every now and then  I think of pure daisies Blending with white clouds
All those guys that look down on us girls For being ourselves Cause we don’t fit their expectations of their Perfect world
  I literally felt it
Gone are the days when I laughed with you. Gone are the days when we would go to the store and buy clothes together.
Let me just be honest an
You can write a good song In a minute or two I want to write a song Dedicated to you   I do not understand How you can write a song You make it seem simple But my ballad sounds wrong
The tears are waterfalls across your face Each droplet flows into the lake Sounds of the waterfall as loud as your cry That appears to grow stronger within each eye Every droplet rushes down in a race
Ambitious is what I am and what I will be in the future Nothing will stop me Not having money or the emotional torture
I am a dreamer, I am a believer, I am a changer, In a world that sits still, I am a go getter,  In a world that sits still, I am a dancer,  I am an entreprenuer, a risk taker,  A dreamer, but in vain.
The thoughts, they swirl so fast, on and on. I can scarcely tell them apart. Enveloping me in their arms, inching their way towards my heart. Telling me the things I hide deepest of all
So many words in my headall of them left unsaid
Every single lonesome day I’m blown away By your obsession with another human being How could you just ignore your daughter
Chaos burned in her questioning eyes. Chaos tumbled through her curly hair. Chaos lingered on her waiting lips. Chaos was sitting there. Chaos was the passion with which she kissed.
When I was 14, I was told that my name sound "too black."It didn't match my personality.I acted "too white," "not ghetto enough,"As if me being black didn't quite fit into their scripted reality.
Everything is changing,  I am growing older.
The Diary of Jane
When I am asked what makes me tick there is one thing that comes to mind real quick.   My family.   My family is always there for me my family keeps me sane
Therapy. Never have I understood how therapy helps others. It is hell, Confinement in a small light room,
I want to write a poem To the days that will not be For the times we only wish That we all could live in peace I would dedicate this poem To the beauty that is rare
I write these words
Want to know what makes me tick?  Take a look around at what makes me sick Brittany can't take her little brother to the store Without someone saying "she's too young to have a son"
My Mind Racing
America look at you.
A catcall has a special way of turning your day(month)  around. A loud shout across a busy street has the unique ability to take a bad day and turn the rest of the week sour.
There are personalities that inspire us and there are those that criticize us when the climax is reached.  
The mind is a beautiful thing; So many nuerons racing every moment, Yet only a few minds think beyond requirement.   You have a mind, Your mom has a mind, Even the unborn will have a mind,
To see, to hear, to think these thoughts Within my mind is a conundrum. How can you be so small, yet Have no limits? As my neurons fire, recharge, Flicker, and spark again, I sit back and feel the
Envy is Green It sounds like the hiss of a snake before it bites you
Alice. Oh Alice. Why have you strayed from home again?   She tells me its because she found herself in place A mysterious place A place she could only describe as 
Living is filled with moments we enjoy. Surviving is the moment where we overcome an agonizing obstacle just to live another day. Luxury is not present until awarded. Only the talented species can live.
A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there If your comfort zone is more important than growth then you will never experience such Growth dosen't exist within the parameters of your comfort
I want to get out Get out of this place I want to be free I want more space I need to move on Move on with my life Get me out of here This town with it's closed minded people
It's funny, these days, How bullying has changed These anti-bullying campains Haven't made bullying lessen Instead we're progressin' To new attacks You can't just beat someone up,  
When you were alone, I gave you my companionship When you were tired, I gave you my rest When you were in pain, I gave you my comfort When you were lost, I gave you my home
A poem has changed since we were little; “Here is the church, here is the steeple, Open it up...”
Around and around I go twirling my beige dress in the glow of the moonlight.
Sometimes emotions come in, all at once, in a huge wave with so much force, that running from it seems impossible; yet the only answer is to try and escape. 
The life You seek must be fast The speed of life makes me laugh! Death's just around the corner for a Queer like me! Well so they say all of them Freaks.
I'd like to blame it on the time It has been so rough Between the rapes and murders, I've had enough But is that really an excuse for the way we're acting They don't care about the love, only things
you want to know what makes me tick? well guess what!  I have a whole list, although at times i'm quiet and chill sometimes i just can't deal with the ignorance and the lies.
Mother, father, can't you see all this pressure you've placed on me? If I fail, you'll be so mad. Am I the child you wish you'd never had? My thoughts run wild when my mind starts to wander.
to many people school is boring they ask why am i here i say to learn and create a future they call you are a nerd i say i know i am a nerd and glad to be they say
My heart lies open floating on the surface of dark waters facing the black night sky as the full moon moves farther in among the large clouds passing the shining stunners
First right, and then left. Just me, my board, and, the sea, my mind, left at shore.
I look into the mirror, and what do I see? An ugly, overweight blob looking back at me. Now, I know I'm beautiful. All of Gods creatures are beautiful. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Where you see a "pretty" face.
The excitement is there, but so is the fear for what is to come next? Graduation is coming,
My Father always asks me, "What makes a man, a man?" and I'm never able to answer because I simply know I cant.
I am fear inside us all.The swirling, contorting depths of darkness that consumes.Slight glimmers of light cry as they attempt to break through,But they can’t.It’s overpowering.I am human.  
"Just get through today"
What the hell is life when a life is determined by money? When you live in utero, grasping for cash in the darkness Everything is a business Education, religion, your own health The cash flow is circular
I wish, I wish, with all my might That I had the power to see the light. To see the truth, whatever it may be To unchain my mind, be finally free. I'm wasting away to a pitiful shell,
They would tell me that I wasn't like them.
I don't understand what drives another to take a life all around every channel every second some new horrible event   I don't understand  how can someone have so much hate
All my life  you've controled me  my actions, my thoughts, my ideas you'll say jump  and I wouldn't say how high I. Would. Just. Jump. just to please you but no more
Silence descends and thickens our thoughts, tongues grow heavy and words start to fade. The fleeting nature of reality competes with the dream of things yet to pass. Narrow, our minds,
Tick   Tick     Tick            Round
You want someone clothed like a stripper with the ideals of a housewife. Someone who is worn – a shell. Gutted of originality and malleable like water.
You ask me now what makes me tick. Now I shall tell you, brick by brick. The look you see When you gaze into the eyes Of a mother who can't feed her children. Or the childrens plea
How do we live for today when tomorrow is a dream? Tomorrow is not always guaranteed We take this beautiful easy life for granted Standing on the corners of the earth , that seem to be slanted.
Tick.Time passes along our far-ending journey.Tock.Most of us don't expect to end up on a gurney.Tick.Without ambition, there could never be a goal.
Seemingly SimpleYet so abstract
What makes me tick. You know what makes me tick? When people are so selfish they can't see past themselves. It makes me sick!
Fear is all i see, it clouds my eyes and mind with doubts and self loathing.  I'm afraid and I'll admit that I hate myself and everything I am. I feel like i'm on a plane that's slowly falling down.
Overwhelmed all the time
Speak your mind, Tell the world what is racing through The crevices of your mind and bursting to the surface! Only you can make the difference if you free yourself -
Work It feels like so much work that we’re putting in At first it was easy when love first began Now it’s just fussing and fighting no end
Where I sit through so many hours of my life Many people just want to run away Hearing these people put me through great strife I hear many people complain its gay   Was against the law to have a bottle
I like my room, but my mirror takes up too much space and my bookshelf is to small I like the paint, it's bright and puts me in a good mood I need a regular door, the safe lock makes it hard to let people in
Observation is the source of my admiration to my surroundings, all I know is thanks to stopping ot smell the roses. Reading is my passion and the source of my incredible adventures.  Speaking the truth is how I develop.
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