The Alice Effect (Found Poetry)


Oh Alice.

Why have you strayed from home again?


She tells me its because she found herself in place

A mysterious place

A place she could only describe as 

Curiouser and curiouser and curiouser

Alice is making up words no one's ever thought

To describe a world

A reality she's never known

A land full of colors

Animals that spark up wonder

Inthis beautiful placeso far from home


This is what Alice sees

This is what Alice feels

A euphoric state of mind thats completely her own

...And I have mine

and you have yours

to your perspective i'll always be blind

It's something ill never learn


How do you know 

Please tell me how you know 

That my blue's not your green

That my rain's not your snow

No matter how you word it 

I'll truly never see

The point of veiw you feel

And vice versa you to me


Ladies and gentlemen

Someone describe white

Is it the absense of color all togther 

Or the color of ghosts at night


Okay describe to me

What is a color

Go on take a quick second to ponder

Did you come up with any words?

The world, evrything, nothing?

I guess it one of lifes wonders


The whole idea that this could be a thing

We might as well be blind

And they might better off seeing.


What urks us

What urges us

to be diffrent from one another

I guess its the Alice effect

That caused her to stray so far from her mother


Feeling theres something other

Than everyone elses standards

Feeling like being unique

Makes you the same as one another


The things shes seen through her eyes

The things i've seen through mine

Alice's adventures in Wonerland

Our adventures in Life...


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