A Waterfall of Tears


The tears are waterfalls across your face
Each droplet flows into the lake
Sounds of the waterfall as loud as your cry
That appears to grow stronger within each eye
Every droplet rushes down in a race
As it appears upon your face
Your cry is stronger as it appears to seem
And finally you begin to scream
As it goes louder and louder
It hits the eardrum at it's tower
Letting out all of to your emotions
The lake became a great big ocean
As I sail across the sea
It rains more tears unto me
With the thunder of your screams
Now there is lightening as it appears to seem
Lightening saddness is the feeling
Wondering when it begins the healing
Wishing it will heal soon
Maybe at midnight when we see the moon
It gets windy when you wipe your tears away
But then the rain appears to stay
Everyone knows they're not tears of joy
From maybe a girl or maybe a boy
It doesn't matter, nobody deserves this pain
You must believe this ain't a game
This thunder can't get any louder
Maybe what you need is a pretty flower
To calm your pain just alittle
So it will sound more of a fiddle
I hope you'll be okay
Once you stop feeling this way
I like you better when your happy
I wish I knew why your sappy
This boat is rocking back and forth
Heading up there towards north


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