every single lonesome day

Every single lonesome day

I’m blown away

By your obsession with another human being

How could you just ignore your daughter

I never thought it would be this way

When I was little you told me you’d never put anything or anyone before your kids

But as I’ve learned through my many years, people change

Every single lonesome day

My emotions build up inside more and more

Complete confusion, desperation for my mother’s attention, and anger because of always being out in last place

More than anything I want a happy family

Like the ones featured in the movies and magazines

Now I’m wondering do those really exist?

All I know is that I hope to be the best mother I can be one day because I know how it feels to have a mother who doesn’t care

Every single lonesome day

I shake it off with not much to say

But now my heart is filled with pain and my head with hurt

And I don’t know how much longer I can stay

I’m just ready for a brighter day.



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